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RECENT ISSUES includes manuscript facsimiles (autographs & copyist manuscripts),
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BACH, Carl Philipp Emanuel, 1714-1788

Nachlaß-Verzeichnis (1790). Facsimile Edition from the Collections of the Music Division, Library of Congres with an Introduction by Peter Wollny.
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, The Complete Works, VII - Facsimile Supplement. Los Altos, 2014. 8°, xviii, 144 pp. Line-cut of the Hamburg, 1790 edition. CPE Bach owned a large music library. The inhertance catalogue “Verzeichnis des musikalischen Nachlasses des verstorbenen Capellmeisters Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach” is a wonderful source for scholars, among the many aids, the possibility to date of many of the composer’s compositions. Wrappers. $34 [item no.9350]

BACH, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750

[Cantata 9] “Es ist das Heil uns kommen her” BWV 9. Kantate zum 6. Sonntag nach Trinitatis. Faksimile nach dem Autograph aus den Sammlungen der Musikabteilung der Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. = Facsimile of the Autograph from the Collections of the Music Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; In Zusammenarbeit mit der Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Herausgegeben und mit einer Einführung von Daniel Boomhower.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile,40. Laaber, 2015. 21 x 33 cm, 16, 18 pp. Color halftone of the beautifully preserved autograph score composed most likely between 1734-1735. Scored for solo SATB, SATB chorus, vln I-II, vla, trav. fl, ob d’amore, bc. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Hardbound with decorative paper boards. $89 (more info... ) [item no.9448]

[Cantata 10] “Meine Seel’ erhebt den Herren!” BWV 10. Kantate zum Fest Mariae Heimsuchung. Faksimile nach dem Autograph aus der Gertrude Whittall Foundation Collection in der Musikabteilung der Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. = Facsimile of the Autograph from the Gertrude Whittall Foundation Collection in the Music Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; In Zusammenarbeit mit der Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Herausgegeben und mit einer Einführung von Daniel Boomhower.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile,41. Laaber, 2015. 21 x 33 cm. xvi, 24 pp. Color halftone of the autograph score composed for the Feast of the Visitation of Mary. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Scored for solo SATB, SATB chorus, vln I-II, vla, tpt, 2 ob, bc. Hardbound with decorative paper boards. $99 (more info... ) [item no.9449]

[Chorales, organ, BWV 651-668, 660a, 769] Die Achtzehn Grossen Orgelchoräle BWV 651-668 und Canonische Veränderungen über “Vom Himmel Hoch” BWV 769. Faksimile der Originalhandschrift mit einem Vorwart herausgegeben von Peter Wollny. [Staatsbibliothek, Berlin, Bach P. 271].
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 5. Laaber, 2/ 2015. 4º, xix, 54 pp. Fine color reproduction of the autograph score (the second part of MS P 271. Includes the 18 Great “great” (Leipzig) organ chorales, plus “Vom Himmel Hoch” (S.769) and “Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland” (S.660a). Introduction in Ger-Eng. Hardbound. $118 (more info... ) [item no.7720]

Sonatas, viola da gamba solo, BWV 1027-1029] Drei Sonaten für Viola da Gamba solo und obligates Cembalo, BWV 1027–29. Faksimile herausgegeben von Hille Perl. In Zusammenarbeit mit der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin—Preußischer Kulturbesitz.
Magdeburg, 2014. 22 x 34 cm, v, 44 pp. 4-color facsimile of the manuscript sources. Only BWV 1027—with title page “Sonata à Cembalo è Viola da Gamba”—has been preserved in Bach’s autograph. Wrappers. $44 (more info... ) [item no.9370]

[Sonatas & partitas, violin, BWV 1001-1006] Sei solo a violino senza basso accompagnato, BWV 1001-1006. Faksimile nach der autographen Handschrift in der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz. Mit einem Geleitwort von Julia Fischer herausgegeben und mit einer Einführung von Sven Hiemke. [Signatur ms. aut. Bach P. 967].
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 8. Laaber, 2/ 2015. 21 x 33 cm, 19, 48 pp. New full-color facsimile, in the original format, of the autograph score prepared in 1720. One of the most beautiful and meticulous of all of Bach's manuscripts, “Sei solo à violino senza basso accompagnato” are a delight for the scholar and perfomer alike. Bach clearly has taken performance from the autograph into consideration—by using comparatively large note heads, detailed articulation and phrasing marks, "custodes" that sit nearly throughout the manuscript at the end of each staff and anticipate the pitch at the beginning of the following staff, and by deligently planning the page layout with only few page turns, which are accompanied with the instruction "volti subito" (turn immediately). Bibliophile edition with commentary in Ger-Eng. Hardbound with blue paper boards and faux title etikett. $99 (more info... ) [item no.8624]

[Suites, violoncello, BWV 1007-1012] Six Solos [ou Etudes] pour le Violoncelle. [Ouvrage posthume de J.S. Bach avec le doigter et les coups d’archet indiqués par J.J.F. Dotzauer]. Leipzig, Breitkopf und Härtel. [Bibliothek der Musik- och teaterbiblioteket Stockholm].
Faksimile-Edition Viola da Gambe, 2. Stuttgart, 2014. 26 x 34 cm, 29 pp. Line-cut of the Leipzig [1826] edition. considered the first detailed performing edition of the suites. Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer (1783-1860), the editor of this edition, successfully combined a concert and teaching career, with long stints with the Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Dresden Chapel, and played under Carl Maria von Weber and Richard Wagner. He spoke of the importance of musical taste based on simplicity. Hardbound. $36 [item no.9374]

[WTC I, keyboard, BWV 846-869] The Well-Tempered Clavier. Part I, BWV 846-869. Facsimile of the Autograph Manuscript in the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin—Preussischer Kulturbesitz. Commentary by Christoph Wolff and Martina Rebmann.
Documenta Musicologica, II/50. Kassel, 2015. 20 x 32 cm, xxx, 90 pp. Deluxe 4-color facsimile of the autograph score based on newly commissioned photographs. The preludes and fugues of The Well-Tempered Clavier embrace an entire cosmos of compositional devices and musical characters—the ne plus ultra of ‘unity through diversity’. Here Bach not only presented the sum total of keyboard artistry in his day but foresaw its future evolution. His treatment of the keys marked a turning point in music history. The autograph score, originally a fair copy, contains later revisions and alterations reflecting the composer at work. Bach authority Christoph Wolff provides a commentary to the work’s genesis and the characteristics of Bach’s handwriting. Martina Rebmann (Staatsbibliothek Berlin) describes the subsequent history of the autograph. Afterword in Eng-Ger. Limited bibliophile edition, binding with leather spine, boards in decorative paper and pasted title etikette. A note on the MS and its facsimiles: Previous facsimile editions (1962-1989) exhibit on some pages a "screen" effect, the result of a silk chiffon overlay that curators applied to Bach's MS to prevent crumbling of the paper. Curators discovered that the chiffon was actually damaging the paper more, so in the early 80s the original MS was withdrawn from public view. To finally solve the problem of deterioration—much of it due to the corrosive quality of the ink—curators turned to a method called "paper splitting", where front and reverse side of each leaf is split, and an alkali-buffered paper laid in between; during the process imperfections in the leaves are repaired with the finest cellulose fibers. The leaf is also treated with a chemical to stop the process of corrosion; in the end the damaging silk chiffon could be completely removed. This new facsimile edition presents the MS—for the first time—in its post-restoration state, without silk chiffon, significantly improving the vividness of Bach's handwriting, a true joy for Bach lovers. $324 (more info... ) [item no.9413]

Bach’s Bible: The Calov Bible, Die Heilige Bible 1681-92. Facsimile of the Original Preserved in Concordia Seminary Library, St. Louis.
Franeker, [in prep—2015]. 19.5 x 33 cm, 3 vols, 4355 pp + commentary. Full-color deluxe facsimile. The 3-volume Bible commentary compiled by 17th-century theologian Abraham Calov and once in the library of Johann Sebastian Bach has been in the Seminary Library collection since it was given to the Seminary by the Reichle family of Frankenmuth, MI, in the 1930s. The volumes are the only known, i.e., identified, books from the library of Lutheran composer J. S. Bach. Calov is both editor and author of the commentary, using as he does both Martin Luther’s translation of the Bible and primarily Luther’s comments on the text, adding his own commentary when no material is available in Luther’s works. The work was printed in 1681-82. Some 25 marginal annotations of Bach, along with underlining and other marginal markings, are evidence of the composer’s use of the volumes. Careful analysis of the handwriting, as well as technical analysis of the ink done in the 1980s, established the authenticity of Bach’s ownership. Commentary in Eng/Ger/Jap/Dut by Albert Clement. (more info... ) [item no.9355]

BANCHIERI, Adriano, 1568-1634

Fantaisie overo Canzoni alla francese. Venedig, Ricciardo Amadino 1603.
Faksimile-Edition Rara, 65. Stuttgart, 2014. 17 x 23 cm, 4 partbooks, 96 pp. Line-cut of the Venice, 1603 edition. 21 instrumental canzoni suitable for strings/winds. Wrappers, with portfolio in decorative paper. $42 [item no.9356]

BARTÓK, Béla, 1881-1945

[Sonata, violin, Sz. 117] Sonate für Violine solo Sz 117. Faksimile mit ausgewählten Werkskizzen. Faksimile nach dem Autograph der Paul-Sacher-Stiftung, Basel. Mit einem Kommentar von Stefen Drees und einem Geleitwort von Midori.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 26. Laaber, [in prep—2015]. 4°, xv, 20 pp. Full-color facsimile of the autograph along with selected sketch material. Commissioned by Yehudi Menuhin in Nov. 1943. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Hardbound. (subscription price) $104 [item no.9396]

BASSANO, Giovanni, c.1550-d.?

Madrigali et canzonette [concertate per potersi cantare con il basso, & soprano nel liuto, & istrumento da pena. Libro primo]. Venedig [Bischöfliche Zentralbibliothek Regensburg].
Faksimile-Edition Canto e Continuo, 8. Stuttgart, 2014. 22 x 33 cm, 32 pp. Line-cut of the Venice, 1602 edition. 14 settings for voice with lute accompaniment, Italian lute tablature. Hardbound, with marbled paper boards. (n.b. according to the publisher of this facsimile there is a printing peculiarity in Regensburg exemplar which has been retained in this facsimile; it concerns the incorrect position of the “tavola”—table of contents—and one upside down page; the print is otherwise completely serviceable and nothing is missing) $35 [item no.9378]

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van, 1770-1827

[Sonata, violoncello, piano, op.69, A major] Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier op.69, 1. Satz. Faksimile des Autographs NE 179 im Beethoven-Haus Bonn kommentiert und herausgegeben von Jens Dufner und Lewis Lockwood / Sonata for Violoncello and Piano Op.69, 1. Movement. Facsimile of Autograph NE179 in the Beethoven-Haus Bonn. Edited and with a Commentary by Jens Dufner and Lewis Lockwood. [Beethoven-Haus, Bonn, formerly private library of Felix Salzer, New York].
Veröffentlichungen des Beethoven-Hauses, III/20. Bonn, 2015. Oblong, 36 x 28 cm, 18 facs, 36 pp. (reissue of Veröffentlichungen des Beethoven-Hauses, Band III/7, with expanded commentary). Beautiful 4-color halftone of the first movt. This outstanding new full-color facsimile shows many details that can not be seen in the old black-and-white reproduction. Together with a reconstruction of the 1st version and commentary in Ger-Eng. Wrappers, in decorative paper. $70 (more info... ) [item no.9436]

[sketchbooks, composition studies with Haydn, Albrechtsberger, Salieri] Kompositionsstudien bei Joseph Haydn, Johann Georg Albrechtsberger und Anton Salieri. Herausgegeben von Julia Ronge. 1. Transkriptionen; 2. Kritischer Bericht; 3. Reproduktionen der Handschriften.
Beethoven Werke, XIII/1. Munich, 2014. Oblong, 31 x 27 cm, 3 vols, xv, 307; 93; 201 pp. When Beethoven moved to Vienna in 1792, almost immediately, and likely pre-arranged, he started composition studies with Haydn, who had been freed from his post with the Esterhazys and was now living in Vienna. The studies—exercises in free counterpoint but also concerned with the conception of a piece, movement structure, proportions of the various parts and the art of “sketching”—lasted until 1794 when his teacher recommended additional studies with Albrechtsberger; with him Beethoven acquired a wide range of technical and compositional tools building on the earlier study. In 1801 Beethoven then turned to Salieri to learn the technique of setting primarily Italian texts to music, an area not covered in the preceding studies. The present volume reproduces for the first time the surviving manuscripts that record those studies. These are remarkable witnesses showing Beethoven under the watchful eyes of his teachers with illuminating comments, corrections or alternative passages. Facsimile, transcription and commentary, 3 volumes, linen bound. $833 (more info... ) [item no.9393]

[Appel, Bernhard, et al] Widmung bei Haydn und Beethoven. Personen—Strategien—Praktiken. Bericht über den Internationalen musikwissenschaftlichen Kongress Bonn, 29. September bis 1. Oktober 2011.
Veröffentlichungen des Beethoven-Hauses, IV/25. Bonn, 2015. 8˚, 343 pp. Hardbound. $94 [item no.6790]

Dorfmüller, Kurt, Norbert Gertsch, & Julia Ronge. Ludwig van Beethoven. Thematisch-Bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis
Munich, 2014. 8º, 2 vols, 1800 pp. New comprehensive thematic catalog with musical incipits, references to the complete works edition, and valuable information on origin, autographs, ms copies, first and early editions. Indices and bibliographies. Indispensable tool for source studies. Linen. [item no.9381]

BLAVET, Michel, 1700-1768

[Pièces, 2 flutes/violins/viols, 1st collection] Ier. recueil de pieces... Paris. [Bibliothèque d’étude et de conservation Besançon].
Faksimile-Edition Kammermusik des Barock, 1. Stuttgart, 2014. Oblong, 25 x 17 cm, 81 pp. Line-cut of the Paris printed edition. Contains 69 pieces by M. Blavet and other Baroque masters. Hardbound in marbled paper. $49 [item no.9375]

[Pièces, 2 flutes/violins/viols, 2nd collection] IIe. recueil de pieces... Paris. [Bibliothèque d’étude et de conservation Besançon].
Faksimile-Edition Kammermusik des Barock, 2. Stuttgart, 2014. Oblong, 25 x 17 cm, 81 pp. Line-cut of the Paris printed edition. Hardbound in marbled paper. $49 [item no.9376]

BRAHMS, Johannes, 1833-1897

[Lieder, selections] Wiegenlied. “Guten abend, gut’ Nacht”, Opus 49, Nr. 4. Faksimile nach dem Autograph des Glinka-Nationalmuseums für Musikkultur, Moskau. Mit einem Geleitwort von Brigitte Fassbaender und einer Einführung von Wolfgang Sandberger.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 30. Laaber, 2014. Oblong, 25 x 17 cm, xiv, 4 pp. Full-color facsimile of Brahms‘ touching “Lullaby and good night”, the intimate and conforting folk song sung by mothers at their children’s bedside. The precious manuscript is an autograph presentation copy sent by Brahms on July 15, 1868 to a couple in Bonn—Arthur and Bertha Faber—to honor the birth of their second son, Hans. Hardbound in decorative paper with faux title etikette. $65 (more info... ) [item no.9349]

[Neue Liebeslieder Walzer, vocal quartet, piano 4-hands, op.65] Die “Liebeslieder-Walzer” von Brahms und die zyklische Chormusik. Symposium in der Zentralbibliothek Zürich 15. November 2010. Herausgegeben von Urs Fischer, Laurenz Lütteken und Wolfgang Sandberger.
Documenta Musicologica, II/49. Kassel, 2014. Oblong, 34 x 25 cm, 28, 71 pp, w/41 illus, & CD. Beautiful full-color facsimile of the autograph, issued on the occasion of a special symposium held at the Zentralbibliothek Zürich when the ms was officially placed on permanent loan by the Swiss bank UBS. This valuable manuscript, completed in Rüschlikon outside of Zürich in the summer of 1874, and lost until 1991, is Brahms’ second set of love songs, building on his successful Liebeslieder Walzer op.52. Written for a vocal quartet and four-hand piano duo and intended as chamber music for use at home, the Neue Liebesliederwalzer are an eclectic mix of love-poems from many lands, including Turkey, Poland, Latvia, and Sicily (trans. into German by George Friedrich Daumer); the work concludes with Goethe’s “Zum Schluß”. The humorous casting of solo parts includes: bass as enraptured paramour, alto as jilted lover, tenor as Lothario, and soprano, a woman repeatedly unlucky in love. Commentary (in Ger) with 41 illustrations by Urs Fischer, Urs A. Müller-Lhotska, Otto Biba, Ingrid Fuchs, Wolfgang Sandberger, Inga Mai Groote, and Christiane Wiesenfeldt. Facsimile printed on fine laid paper with hand-stiched binding (after the original), housed with commentary and audio CD in a handsome clamshell case. $158 (more info... ) [item no.9407]

[Concerto, violin, orchestra, op.77, D major] Violinkonzert D-Dur Opus 77: mit einer Auswahl aus der Stichvorlage der Violinstimme. Faksimile nach dem Autograph aus den Sammlungen der Musikabteilung der Library of Congress, Washington mit einem Kommentar von Stefan Drees / With a Selection from the Engraver’s Copy of the Violin Part. Facsimile of the Autograph from the Collections of the Music Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. with a Preface by Julia Fischer and an Introduction by Stefan Drees.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 19. Laaber, 2014 Oblong, 38 x 30 cm, xviii, 106 pp. Beautiful full-color halftone of the autograph. Contains numerous corrections and adjustments (involving phrasing, dynamics and minor note changes) by Brahms’ revered friend Joseph Joachim. Hardbound in decorative paper. $240 (more info... ) [item no.9268]

Variations, piano, theme by Handel, op.24] Variationen und Fuge über ein Thema von Händel für Klavier B-Dur, op.24. Faksimile nach dem Autograph aus den Sammlungen der Musikabeilung der Library of Congress, Washington = Facsimile of the Autograph from the Collections of the Music Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; In Zusammenarbeit mit der Library of Congress, Washington. Mit einem Geleitwort von Christoph Eschenbach und einer Einführung von Frédéric Döhr.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 18. Laaber, 2014. Oblong, 32 x 24 cm, xvii, 26 pp. Full-color facsimile of the autograph fair copy dating from September 1861. Entitled “Variationen für eine liebe Freundin” [Clara Schumann], the autograph is a fascinating document abounding in corrections and alterations in tempi, fingerings, dynamics and articulations. Brahms played the piece for the first time in Hamburg 4 Nov. 1861 for a private social gathering at the home of Hermann Wagner. The first public performance was subsequently given by Clara Schumann on 7 Dec. 1861. The imminent music biographer Donald Tovey counts it as among the half dozen greatest sets of variations ever written. Hardbound in decorative paper with faux title etikette. $99 (more info... ) [item no.9366]

BRESCIANELLO, Gisueppe Antonio, 1690-1758

18 Suiten für Gallichone (Mandora). Mit einem Vorwort von Andreas Koch.
Lübeck, 2015. 4°, 150 pp. Line-cut reproduction of Signatur Mus.2364-V-2 from the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden, a carefully executed copy of 18 suites for “colascione” (a type of lute) in the hand of Peter August (1726-1787). Hardbound. $69 (more info... ) [item no.9461]

BRUCKNER, Anton, 1824-1896

[sketches, Kitzler Study Book] The „Kitzler Study Book“. Anton Bruckner’s Studies in Harmony and Instrumentation Theory with Otto Kitzler (1861-63). Facsimile of the Autograph kept in the Music Collection of the Austrian National Library, Edited with an Essay by Paul Hawkshaw and Erich Wolfgang Partsch.
Sämtliche Werke Anton Bruckner. Vienna, 2014. Oblong, 38 x 32 cm, 326, 20 pp. Full-color facsimile of the complete manuscript acquired in 2013 by the Austrian National Library. Contains compositional studies from 1861-1863 while under the tutelage of the Linz Capellmeister Otto Kitzler. In addition there is a string quartet, Rondo in C minor, 4 piano fantasies, Three Pieces for Orchestra and Overture in G minor. Hardbound, with slipcase. $428 (more info... ) [item no.9412]

CAIX D’HERVELOIS, Louis de, 1670-1760

[Pièces, viol, bc, books 1-2] Premier [-deuxième] livre de pieces de viole, Paris. [Bibliothèque de Toulouse].
Faksimile-Edition Viola da Gambe, 3. Stuttgart, 2014. 28 x 19 cm, 312 pp. Line-cut of the author’s & Foucault edition, Paris, n.d. Hardbound in decorative paper with matching slipcase. $145 [item no.9409]

CAMERLOHR, Placidus von, 1718-1782

Solo per la gallichone; Partia ex f (Gallichon, 2 violinen, Baß); Trio ex C (2 Gallichon, Violoncello). [Mss, Abtei Metten].
Faksimile-Edition Laute, 12. Stuttgart, 2015. 26 x 33 cm, 96 pp. Full-color reproduction of three works of Camerlohr, one for solo gallichone a type of bass lute, and two chamber works. Handstitched folios in portfolio with decorative paper boards and ties. $55 [item no.9429]

CAMPRA, André, 1660-1744

[L’Europe galante, 1724 ed.] L’Europe galante. Paris / Jean-Baptiste-Christope Ballard, 1724. [Bibliothèque d’étude et de conservation Besançon].
Faksimile-Edition Kammermusik des Barock, 4. Stuttgart, 2014. 24 x 37 cm, 269 pp. Line-cut of the Paris, 1724 edition. Hardbound, with boards in decorative paper. $130 [item no.9411]

Motets a I, II, III voix. . . Livre premier. Paris / Christophe Ballard 1700. [Bibliothèque d’étude et de conservation Besançon].
Faksimile-Edition Canto e Continuo, 7. Stuttgart, 2014. 22 x 35 cm, 116 pp. Line-cut of the Paris, 1700 edition. Hardbound, with boards in decorative paper. $65 [item no.9410]

Motets a I, II, III voix. . . Livre second. Paris / Christophe Ballard 1700. [Bibliothèque d’étude et de conservation Besançon].
Faksimile-Edition Canto e Continuo, 7. Stuttgart, 2014. 22 x 35 cm, 140 pp. Line-cut of the Paris, 1700 edition. Hardbound, with boards in decorative paper. $62 [item no.9428]

GIANCARLI, Heteroclito, fl.1602

Compositioni musicali [intavolate per cantare et sonare nel liuto]. Venedig, Giacomo Vincenti 1602. [Regensburg, Bischöflichen Bibliothek].
Faksimile-Edition Canto e Continuo, 9. Stuttgart, 2015. 21 x 33 cm, 48 pp. Line-cut of the Venice, 1602 edition. Collection of 19 songs with Italian lute tablature, interestingly referred to as “Motetti, e Mad[rigali]” on the footer of each gathering. Published the same year as Caccini’s Le nuove musiche, these two collections—in the words of John Griffiths—are the meeting place of the old “oral” tradition and the new declamatory style. Giancarli’s music has never been studied or performed since the early 17th c. Hardbound, with boards in decorative paper. $40 (more info... ) [item no.9479]

CAPRICORNUS, Samuel Friedrich, 1628-1665

[Sonatas, 2 violins, trombone/viola da gamba] Sonaten und Canzonen [mit 3. Instrumenten gesezt. Instrumentum primum]. Nürnberg, Christoff Gerhard 1660. [Bischöflichen Zentralbibliothek Regensburg].
Faksimile-Edition Capricornus, 16. Stuttgart, 2014. 16 x 22 cm, 24 pp. Line-cut of the Nuremburg, 1660 edition. Rare collection of of 6 sonatas for violins & trombone/viola da gamba. Only the Violino I part survives. Hardbound, with marbled paper boards. $23 [item no.9377]

CAROLO, 17th c.

X Sonates [à 2 violes de gambe & 1 basse continue également bons à jouer sur 2 bassons ou basses de violon]. Rogier, Amsterdam. [Bibliothek des Mariengymnasiums Jever].
Faksimile-Edition Viola da Gambe, 1. Stuttgart, 2014. 21 x 33 cm, 3 partbooks, 42 pp. Line-cut of the Amsterdam, n.d. edition. Wrappers with hardbound porfolio covered in marbled paper. $44 [item no.9367]

CHOPIN, Frédéric, 1810-1849

[Polonaises, piano, nos.3-4, op.40] Polonezy op.40 / Polonaises op.40. Wydanie faksymilowe rękopisu ze zbiorów British Library w London / Facsimile Edition of the Manuscript Held in the British Library in London.
Works by Chopin—Facsimile Edition, [25] A /VI/40. Warsaw, 2015. Oblong, 28 x 22 cm, 2 vols, 8, 46 pp. Full-color halftone of the 1838-1839 autograph fair copy held by the British Library in London under shelf number MS 3040. Chopin dedicated this pair of polonaises—called by Rubinstein the symbols of Polish glory & tragedy—to Jules Fontana; the autograph is the basis of the Troupenas 1st edition published 1840. Commentary (Pol-Eng-Ger-Sp-Fr-Jp) by Zofia Chechlińska. Bound in blue linen, with matching slipcase. $88 (more info... ) [item no.9484]

CONFORTI, Giovanni Luca, c.1560-d.?

Passaggi sopra tutti li salmi [che ordinariamente canta santa chiesa, ne i vesperi della dominica, & ne i giorni festiui di tutto l’anno. Con il basso sotto per sonare, & cantare con organo, ò con altri stromenti]. Venedig, Angelo Gardano & Fratelli 1607. [Stift Kremsmünster].
Faksimile-Edition Kremsmünster, 30. Stuttgart, 2014. 16 x 22 cm, 56 pp. Line-cut of the Venice, 1607 edition. This fascinating ornamentation treatise—unlike Conforti’s Rome c.1593 edition—is printed entirely in movable type and addresses the sacred repertoire. Hardbound, in marbled paper. $32 [item no.9363]

CORELLI, Arcangelo, 1653-1713

[Sonatas, violin, bc, Anhang 38-49] Le sonate da camera di Assisi dal Ms. 177 della Biblioteca del Sacro Convento. Edizione critica a cura di Enrico Gatti. Saggio introduttivo di Guido Olivieri.
Lucca, 2015. Oblong, 30 x 22 cm, 82 pp. Facsimile of a fascinating manuscript collection known as the “Assisi Sonatas”, Anhang 38-49 in the Corelli catalog. With new critical performing edition edited by Enrico Gatti. Introduction in It-Eng. Wrappers in decorative paper. $45 (more info... ) [item no.9482]

DEBUSSY, Claude, 1862-1918

Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune. Fac-similé du manuscrit autographe de la partition d’orchestre. Introduction par Denis Herlin.
De Main de Maître, 1 Turnhout, 2014. 32 x 43 cm, 80 pp. Full-color facsimile of the autograph full score—“Stichvorlage”. Inaugurates the series “De main de maître” (in the hand of the author) from the collection of the Bibliothèque National de France. Hardbound. $225 (more info... ) [item no.9351]


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Master Score. Music by Frank E. Churchill, Lyrics by Larry Mory and Additional Underscore by Leigh Harline and Paul J. Smith.
2015. 4°, 208 pp. Full-color facsimile of the master score for the 1937 film. Based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the first full-length animated feature film and the earliest in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. The story was adapted by Dorothy Ann Blank, Richard Creedon, Merrill De Maris, Otto Englander, Earl Hurd, Dick Rickard, Ted Sears and Webb Smith, with David Hand as supervising director. The songs including “Heigh-Ho”, “Some Day My Prince Will Come”, and “Whistle While You Work” were composed by Frank Churchill and Larry Morey. Further incidental music was provided by Paul J. Smith and Leigh Harline. This is the first time that this material is available to the public. Explore every sequence from the film, from the first scene to the last and see, first hand, how the music and animation (tempos, scene length, camera movement, action, and sound) where synchronized. Limited edition of 459 copies. $295 (more info... ) [item no.9435]

ERTEL, Sebastian, c.1550-1618

Psalmodiae vespertinae [solemnibus totius anni festivitatibus octonis vocibus, et tam vocum quam variorum instrumentorum usui, accommodatae. Quibus accesserunt canticum deiparse virginis, & singulae eiusdem antiphonae, cum basso ad organum]. München, Nicolaus Heinrich 1617. [Stift Kremsmünster].
Faksimile-Edition Kremsmünster, 7. Stuttgart, 2014. 16 x 21 cm, 9 partbooks, c.460 pp. Line-cut of the Munich, 1617 partbook edition (Canto/Canto, Alto/Alto, Tenore/Tenore, Basso/Basso, Organo. 22 settings for double choir. Wrappers, with slipcase covered in marbled paper. $126 [item no.9358]

GARDANO, Antonio, 1509-1569 [publisher]

[Madrigals/Canzoni francese, Ihan Gero/Clement Janequin] Quaranta madrigali di Ihan Gero insiema trenta canzoni francese di Clement Ianequin. RISM(22). Venezia, A. Gardane 1543. [Trent, Biblioteca Comunale & Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Universitätsbibliothek].
Faksimile-Edition Rara, 43. Stuttgart, [2015]. Oblong, 22 x 16 cm, 3 partbooks, 118 pp. Line-cut of the Venice, 1534 edition containing madrigals by Gero and Canzoni francese by Janequin. No complete source of this print survives but this facsimile, by combining the incomplete Cantus and Bassus partbooks from Trent and the incomplete Tenor partbook from Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, is able to provide the music for nos. 9-55 of the Cantus; nos. 41-55 of the Tenor and nos. 11-55 of the Bassus, or 15 complete settings. Some of the missing parts can be completed from concordances found in other collections. Hardbound, in decorative paper with matching slipcase. $74 [item no.9478]

GRAUN, Carl Heinrich, c.1703-1759

[Concerto, viola da gamba, strgs, GraunWV A:XIII:4, D major] Concerto per la Viola di Gamba D-Dur (in D major), GraunWV A:XIII:4. Herausgegeben von / Edited by Michael O’Loghlin und Günter von Zadow.
Heidelberg, 2014. 4º, 7, 56 pp. Color facsimile of the viola da gamba part, together with new performing edition (score and solo VdG). Wrappers. $34 [item no.9386]

HASSE, Johann Adolph, 1699-1783

Demetrio. Partitura in facsimile. Edizione dei libretto. A cura di Reinhard Strohm e Francesca Menchelli-Buttini. Saggi introduttivi de Reinhard Strohm e Francesca Menchelli-Buttini. [Biblioteca Marciana, Cod. It. IV, 482 (=10006)].
Drammaturgia Musicale Veneta, 17. Milan, 2014. Oblong, 30 x 23 cm, cixi, 350 pp. Line-cut reproduction of a copyist ms. The Dramma per musica Demetrio was premiered on 10 Feb. 1732 at the Teatro S. Giovanni Grisostomo in Venice. Given during carnival season, it was one of the most lavishly staged works of the season. The success of the opera is attested by the Venetian newsletter Diario ordinario, which praised it as “a marvel, as much for the music as for the magnificent scenes and singers”. Subsequent revivals and the survival of many ms sources show that this characterization was not an exaggeration. Part commentary in Eng (with It summary) and part in It, with Eng summary). Linen. $205 [item no.9362]

HELY, Benjamin, c.1654-1719

The Compleat Violist [or An Introduction to ye Art of Playing oon ye Bass Viol wherein the Necessary Rules & Directions are Laid down in a Plain & Familiar Method. With A Collection of the Psalm Tunes Set to the Viol, as They are Now in Use in the Churces where there are Organs. To Which are Added Some Select Aires & Tunes, Set According to ye divers manners of Playing by the Cliffs the C.sol.fa.ut Cliff, & ye Fa.ut Cliff. Also Several Lessons. viz. Almans, Sarabands, Courants, Jiggg & Compos’d for the Instrument by ye Late Famous Master Mr. Benjamin Hely]. I. Hare / London ca. 1700. [Library of Congress, Washington, DC].
Faksimile-Edition Viola da Gambe, 8. Stuttgart, 2015. Oblong, 22 x 18 cm, 19 pp. Line-cut of the London, [1699] edition. Handsome marbled paper boards. $22 [item no.9451]

KERN, Joseph Seraphin, 1700-1779

Hortus Marianus [consistens in selectissimus 24. antiphonis beatissimae mariae virginis, per annum integrum. Nempe 6. Ave regina, 6. Regina coeli, 6. Salve regina, 6. Alma redempt. 4. vocibus. 2. violinis. 1. viola, cum duplici basso continuo. Ad primum salve regina, cum 2. clarinis & tympano. Praeterquam, ad primum Ave regina, primum Regina coeli, & primum Alma, cum clar. & tymp. ad libitum]. Hals, Johann Anton Pustätt 1746. [Stift Kremsmünster].
Faksimile-Edition Kremsmünster, 31. Stuttgart, 2014. 16 x 21 cm, 10 partbooks, 178 pp. Line-cut of the Passau, 1746 partbook edition (Canto/Alto/Tenore/Basso/Violino I/Violino II/Viola/Organo/Clarino/Tympano. 24 Marian settings for choir plus intruments. Kern was Fürstbischöflicher Kammer-Kompositeur in Passau. Wrappers, with portfolio covered in marbled paper. $82 [item no.9380]

KRADENTHALLER [Gradenthaller], Hieronymus, 1637-1700

Die mit teutschen Saiten überzogene Heilige Kron=Harffe, [oder, Verfassung des gantzen Psalter Davids in teutsche Reim-Gebände : vermittelst sonderbarer darzu mit dem basso continuo, neu-verfertigter Kunst- Melodeyen]. [Stadtbibliothek, Ulm].
Faksimile-Edition Ulm, 42. Stuttgart, 2015. 13 x 18 cm, 545 pp. Line-cut of the Michale & Johann Friedrich Endter edition, Nuremberg, 1680. This amazing psalter with music by the Regensburg organist & composer Hieronymus Kradenthaller and paraphrase of the psalms by W.H. von Hohberg, is richly illustrated with 300 fine engravings, half of them plant and flower drawings—almost encyclopedic in nature—the rest devoted to natural history and scenes typical of emblem books of the period. Hardbound, in marbled paper. $89 [item no.9447]

KRAF, Michael, 1595-1662

Virginis parentis canticum. . . Rohrschach / Johann Schrötter / Canticum deiparae virginis. . . Ravensburg / Johann Schröter 1623. [Stift Kremsmünster].
Faksimile-Edition Kremsmünster, 32. Stuttgart, 2014. 16 x 21 cm, 9 partbooks, 718 pp. Line-cut of the Rohrschach (n.d.) and Ravensburg, 1623 partbook edition. (cantus/altus/tenor/bassus/quinta vox/ sexta vox/septima vox/octava vox/bas: contin:). Wrappers, with portfolio covered in marbled paper. $156 [item no.9416]

KÜHNEL, August, 17-18th c.

Pieces for the Viol Lesson. 14 Movements by August Kühnel in Tablature for Two Viols / Stücke für den Gambenunterricht. 4 Sätze von August Kühnel in Tabular für zwei Gamben aus der Sammlung “Israël-Anhang 28” der Universitätsbibliothek Kassel, Landesbibliothek und Murhardschen Bibliothek der Stadt Kassel. Herausgegeben von / Edited by Günter und Leonare von Zadow.
Heidelberg, 2014. 4º, 52 pp. Halftone of a contemporary ms copy, together with modern edition. Commentary Ger/Eng. Wrappers. $29 [item no.9388]

LEBÈGUE, Nicolas-Antoine, 1631-1702

[Pièces, organ & harpsichord] Pieces d’orgue et de clavecin. Jahr-des Privilegs 1675. [Stift Kremsmünster].
Faksimile-Edition Kremsmünster, 29. Stuttgart, 2014. Oblong, 28 x 21 cm, 90 pp. Line-cut of the Paris, 1675 edition. Beautiful marbled paper boards. $68 [item no.9357]

LISZT, Franz, 1811-1886

[Sonata, piano, B minor, S.178] Klaviersonate h-moll / Piano Sonata in B Minor. Faksimile nach dem im Eigentum von Mr. Robert Owen Lehman befindlichen Autograph. Vorwort: Mária Eckhardt; Geleitwort: Claudio Arrau.
[Henle Music Facsimiles, 26]. Munich, 2015. 27 x 35 cm. xvii, 30, 8 pp. Deluxe [revised] full-color facsimile. The surviving autograph of Franz Liszt’s b-minor Sonata is a fascinating document that illuminates the compositional process: many cuts and paste-overs show how Liszt refined the architecture of the work. The previously available facsimile of the autograph (OMI #372) also allowed a profound look into this work process—but it was not possible to see what Liszt had originally notated in the passages that were pasted over. These paste-overs have since been removed and this new edition shows for the first time what is hidden behind them. With new introduction by Liszt expert Mária Eckhardt along with the original foreword by Claudio Arrau.. Hardbound with pasted label. $182 (more info... ) [item no.9379]

LUSCINIUS, Othmar, 1487-1537

Musurgia seu praxis musicae (Strassburg: Johann Schott 1536). Kommentar von Martin Kirnbauer.
Faksimile-Edition Theoretica, 7 Suttgart, 2014. Oblong, 20 x 16 cm, 108, xvi pp. Line-cut of the Strasbourg, 1536 edition. Essentially a free translation of Virdung’s Musica getutscht of 1511, preserving the dialogue format and copies of many of the original woodcuts. The translation was made upon the request of a Milanese bookseller who wanted to make Virdung’s treatise available to his Italian clientele. Besides the Virdung redux it also provides a treatise on mensural notation and polyphonic composition. Hardbound in decorative paper. $48 [item no.9408]

MACHAUT, Guillaume de, 1300-1377

Ferrell-Vogüé Machaut Manuscript. Facsimile Edition.
Diamm Facsimiles, 5. Oxford, 2014. c.800 pp + commentary. Full color facsimile of the source “Vg”—one of the most important sources for the works of Guillaume de Machaut. Formerly owned by the Marquis de Vogüé, it is now in the private collection of James E. and Elizabeth J. Ferrell, currently on load to the Parker Library, Corpus Christi, Cambridge. Thanks to the generosity of its owners, Vg has gone from being the most secret and enigmatic of the Machaut sources to the most accessible, and is the first to be produced in facsimile. Commentary by Lawrence Earp, Domenic Leo, Carla Shapreau and Christopher de Hamel. 2 vols. (more info... ) [item no.9406]

MAHLER, Gustav, 1860-1911

[Rückert Lieder, selections, voice & orch, voice/piano] Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen. Facsimile Edition of the Autograph Manuscripts, Gilbert Kaplan, Editor.
New York, 2015. 29 x 37 cm, 92 pp, CD audio recording. Full-color reproduction of one of Mahler’s most popular and poignant songs, composed in 1901 with a text by Friedrich Rückert. It is the third of the original five-song cycle “Rückert-Lieder”; Mahler himself conducted the first performance in 1905 and described “Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen” / “I am lost to the world” as creating “a feeling that rises just up to the lips, but does not pass beyond them... It is my very self”. This carefully executed facsimile includes the orchestra & piano-vocal autograph versions, sketches, incomplete fair copy in the hand of Alma Mahler, and extensive historical notes and documentation by Gilbert Kaplan and Stephen Hefling. The manuscript and its survival has an amazing story. Limited bibliophile edition of 400 copies, only 200 for the trade. Clothbound with slipcase. $100 (more info... ) [item no.9334]


[Correspondence, complete] Felix Mendelssohn. Sämtliche Briefe. Band 9: September 1842 bis Dezember 1843. Herausgegeben und kommentiert von Stefan Münnich, Lucian Schiwietz und Uta Wald unter Mitarbeit von Ingrid Jach.
Kassel, 2015. 15 x 23 cm, 837 pp. New complete edition of the letters based on the collection compiled by Rudolf Elvers. Hardbound in green linen with signature of the composer embossed on cover. 12 volumes projected, 2 per year; only available on subscription. $179 [item no.6787]

MORALES, Cristóbal, 1500-1553

Magnificat omnitonum cum quatuor vocibus. RISM 1562(1)/M3597. [Brussels, Konikklijke Bibliotheek].
[Yellow Book Series, 11]. Højbjerg, 2015. 28 x 41 cm, 128 pp. Line-cut of the Antonio Gardano edition, Venice, 1562. 16 settings (mostly a4) by Morales, with additional works by Carpentras (2), Iachet (1), and Richafort (1), beautifully and clearly printed in choirbook format. Wrappers $120 (more info... ) [item no.9446]

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791

[Requiem mass, K.626] Requiem. K.626. Facsimile of the autograph score held in the Austrian National Library. With a commentary by Christoph Wolff and Günter Brosche.
Bärenreiter Facsimile, [10]. Kassel, 2015. Oblong, 35 x 26 cm, 40, 200 pp. New deluxe facsimile edition of the autograph parts and sketches with the finishing work of Süßmayr and others. Commentary in Eng-Ger by Christoph Wolff and Günter Brosche. Limited bibliophile edition produced on natural paper with individually trimmed pages. Quarter leather with decorative paper boards. $499 (more info... ) [item no.9414]

[Requiem mass, K.626, 1st ed.] Requiem KV 626 - W.A. Mozarti: Missa pro defunctis / W.A. Mozarts Seelenmesse. Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig [1800]. Herausgegeben und mit einem Nachwort von Markus Eberhardt. [Archiv des Bistrums Passau].
Faksimile-Edition Rara, 67. Stuttgart, 2015. Oblong, 35 x 26 cm, 178, vi pp. Line-cut of the first edition, Leipzig, 1800. Although there have been many attempts of reconstructing the text of the Requiem, the 1800 printed version, largely based on Süssmayr’s work, remains the prime historical document. It is interesting that Breitkopf & Härtel provides no credit to Süssmayr for the completion of the work although correspondence in early 1800 between Gottfreid Christoph Härtel and Süssmayr clearly establishes the extent of his role. Hardbound in decorative paper which reproduces the original 1800 binding. $100 (more info... ) [item no.9443]

[Concerto, piano, orch, K.271] Klavierkonzert Nr. 9 Es-Dur KV 271. Faksimile nach dem Autograph der Bibliothek der Jagiellonen-Universität Krakau. Mit einem Kommentar von Ulrich Konrad.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 38. Laaber, [in prep—2015]. Oblong, 4°, xxiv, 136 pp. Full-color facsimile of the autograph score. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Hardbound. (subscription price) $254 [item no.9404]

[Concerto, piano, orch, K.450] Klavierkonzert Nr. 15 B-Dur KV 450. Faksimile nach dem Autograph der Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek, Weimar. Mit einem Kommentar von Hartmut Hein.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 37. Laaber, [in prep—2015]. Oblong, 4°, xxiv, 88 pp. Full-color facsimile of the autograph score. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Hardbound. (subscription price) $205 [item no.9403]

[Concerto, piano, orch, K.451] Klavierkonzert Nr. 16 D-Dur KV 451. Faksimile nach dem Autograph der Bibliothek der Jagiellonen-Universität Krakau. Mit einem Kommentar von Siegbert Rampe.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 39. Laaber, [in prep—2015]. Oblong, 4°, xxiv, 84 pp. Full-color facsimile of the autograph score. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Hardbound. (subscription price) $191 [item no.9405]

[Concerto, piano, orch, K.491] Piano Concerto in C minor K. 491. Facsimile of the Autograph Score in the Royal College of Music, London. With a commentary by Robert Levin.
Documenta Musicologica, II/48. Kassel, 2014. Oblong, 34 x 25 cm, 74, 40 pp. Beautiful color halftone of the autograph fair copy completed on March 24, 1786. In his fascinating preface Colin Lawson, Director of the Royal College of Music, describes the journey made by Mozart’s autograph following its sale in 1800 by Constanze, Mozart’s widow, to its eventual resting place in London where it is the jewel in the RCM’s extensive collection of historic manuscripts. The Piano Concerto in C minor K. 491 is one of Mozart’s greatest piano concertos not least because of the dramatic character of its minor key (it is one of only two piano concertos composed in minor keys). It also has the largest orchestra he ever used in a piano concerto and the only piano concerto to use both oboes and clarinets. Written in 1786 during a period of almost feverish activity, it was completed only 22 days after the A major concerto K. 488 and during composition of The Marriage of Figaro. The autograph is exceptional in that Mozart records sketches that he later enlarged and extensively revised for the score thus allowing us an insight into his creative process. Mozart’s work appears here for the first time in a color facsimile, making it possible to easily recognize the contrasting colors of ink. The renowned Mozart scholar and pianist Robert Levin has written an illuminating commentary. He explains Mozart’s method of composition and guides the reader page by page through the autograph. This high-quality facsimile truly is a fascinating insight into Mozart’s art of composition. Hardbound with linen spine and decorative paper boards. $248 (more info... ) [item no.9359]

[Concerto, piano, orch, K.595] Klavierkonzert Nr. 27 B-Dur KV 595. Faksimile nach dem Autograph der Bibliothek der Jagiellonen-Universität Krakau. Mit einem Kommentar von Peter Revers.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 36. Laaber, [in prep—2015]. Oblong, 4°, xxiv, 104 pp. Full-color facsimile of the autograph score. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Hardbound. (subscription price) $229 [item no.9402]

[Concerti, violin, orch, complete] The Mozart Violin Concerti. A Facsimile Edition of the Autographs. Edited and with an Introduction by Gabriel Banat. [Mss. Jagiellonian University Library, Krakow; Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. & Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz Berlin].
Mineola, 2015. Oblong, 32 x 26 cm, 29, 400 pp. Unabridged republication of the 1986 Raven Press edition. Halftone. Includes all 5 violin concerti, K.207, 211, 216, 218, & 219, the Adagio in E, K.261, and the Rondo in B-flat, K.216a. Red cloth with composer’s signature embossed in gold on the cover. $75 (more info... ) [item no.9454]

[Concerto, violin & orch, no. 5, K.219, A major] Violinkonzert Nr. 5 A-Dur KV 219. Faksimile nach dem Autograph der Library of Congress, Washington. Mit einem Kommentar von Stefan Drees.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 35. Laaber, [in prep—2015]. Oblong, 4°, xxiv, 92 pp. Full-color facsimile of the autograph score. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Hardbound. (subscription price) $204 [item no.9401]

[Symphony, no.38, “Prague”, K.504] Sinfonie Nr. 38 D-Dur KV 504 (»Prager«). Faksimile nach dem Autograph der Bibliothek der Jagiellonen-Universität Krakau. Mit einem Kommentar von Ulrich Konrad.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 34. Laaber, [in prep—2015]. Oblong, 4°, xxiv, 76 pp. Full-color facsimile of the autograph score. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Coverboard in decorative paper. (subscription price) $192 [item no.9400]

PHALÈSE, Pierre, c.1510-1574 [publisher]

[Des chansons, bk. 1] Des chansons reduictz en tablature de lut [à deux, trois, et quatre parties. Avecq une brieve & familiaire introduction pour entendre & apprendre par soy mesmes à iouer dudict lut, liure premier]. Löwen/Jaques Bathen und Reynier Velpen 1545. [Bibliothèque d’étude de conservation Besançon].
Faksimile-Edition Laute, 12. Stuttgart, 2014. Oblong, 18 x 22 cm, 96 pp. Line-cut of the Louvain, 1545 edition, the first edition of this distinguished print. 61 pieces for solo lute in French tablature, including preludes, fantasies, French chansons and Dutch songs. Comparison with the 1547 edition provides wonderful insight how the Phalèse printing house reedited the edition, using the same woodcuts but altering the metal type to create a slightly different format. Hardbound in decorative paper. $32 [item no.9365]

RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe, 1683-1764

Les Indes galantes. Paris. [Bibliothèque d’étude et de conservation Besançon].
Faksimile-Edition Kammermusik des Barock, 5. Stuttgart, 2015. Oblong, 31 x 23 cm, 226 pp. Line-cut of the Paris, 1735-1736 edition (short score). Hardbound, with boards in decorative paper. $83 [item no.9427]

SCHENCK, Johannes, c.1660-d.?

[L’echo du Danube, sonatas, viol, bc, op.9] L’echo du Danube [dont les deux premières sont à 1 viole de gambe et 1 basse continue, les deux suivantes à 1 viole de gambe & 1 basse continue ad libitum, & les deux dernières à 1 viole de gambe seule]. op.9. Amsterdam / Estienne Roger. [Cathedral Library, Durham].
Faksimile-Edition Viola da Gambe, 7. Stuttgart, 2015. Oblong, 35 x 24 cm, 50 pp. Line-cut of the Roger edition, Amsterdam, c.1710 edition. 12 sonatas. Wrappers, with handsome marbled paper boards with ties. $49 [item no.9480]

[Le nymphe di Rheno, sonatas, 2 viols, op.8] Le nymphe di Rheno per due Viole di Gamba Sole op.8. Amsterdam / Estienne Roger. [Cathedral Library, Durham].
Faksimile-Edition Viola da Gambe, 6. Stuttgart, 2015. 22 x 34 cm, 2 partbooks, 68 pp. Line-cut of the Roger edition, Amsterdam, c.1710 edition. 12 sonatas. Wrappers, with handsome marbled paper boards with ties. $43 [item no.9450]

[Sonatas, bass viol, bc, op.2] Sonaten für Viola da Gamba und b.c. op.2. Amsterdam / Estienne Roger, 1688. [Bibliothek der Kathedrale, Durham].
Faksimile-Edition Viola da Gambe, 4. Stuttgart, 2015. 24 x 35 cm, 2 partbooks, 66 pp. Line-cut of the Amsterdam, 1688 edition. 15 sonatas for solo bass viol and bc which stand midway between the French suite and the Italian sonata. The set is beautifully engraved and includes an elaborate frontis piece. Handsome marbled paper boards. $60 [item no.9439]

[Sonatas, violin, bc, op.7] Suonate a Violino e Violone o Cimbalo op.7 . Amsterdam / Estienne Roger. [Bibliothek der Kathedrale, Durham].
Faksimile-Edition Violino e Continuo, 2. Stuttgart, 2015. 19 x 31 cm, 2 partbooks, 52 pp. Line-cut of the Roger edition, Amsterdam, [1699] edition. 18 sonatas. Wrappers with handsome marbled paper boards with ties. $43 [item no.9452]

SCHOENBERG, Arnold, 1874-1951

Arnold Schönberg Playing Cards. 1909/1919.
Los Angeles, 2015. 54 cards. Besides composing and his theoretical writings Arnold Schoenberg produced hundreds of paintings, toys, games, chess sets and playing cards for his own use. Here is one set of playing cards—carefully executed in facsimile. The style is described: “[this] set used grotesque imagery and visual puns from his caricatures and doodles, with the suit symbols integrated into the designs.” The original cards were made in watercolors and gouache on cardboard with gold and silver. With plastic box. $20 (more info... ) [item no.9444]

Arnold Schönberg Playing Cards—Whist/Bridge. 1909/1919.
Los Angeles, 2015. 54 cards. Besides composing and his theoretical writings Schoenberg produced hundreds of paintings, toys, games, chess sets and playing cards for his own use. Here is one set of playing cards—carefully executed in facsimile. The style is described: “[this] set is more severe and geometric, almost digital. His inventiveness was driven by a passion for rules, order and numbers, and his cards also reveal his capacity for highly personal expression. The elongated cards are divided into four suits (based upon clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds) each comprising both numeral and double-ended court cards. The designs don't contain many curves and are more technical than fluid. The influence of Jugendstil is recognisable.” The original cards were made in watercolors and gouache on cardboard with gold and silver. With plastic box. $20 (more info... ) [item no.9445]

SCHUBERT, Franz, 1797-1828

[Erlkönig, D.328] Erlkönig (D 328). Faksimile nach dem Autograph der Morgan Library & Museum, New York. Herausgegeben und mit einer Einführung von Elisabeth Schmierer.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 32. Laaber, 2015. Oblong, 4°, xiii, 12 pp. Full-color facsimile of the fair copy autograph, third version. This version differs markedly from the first printed edition of 1821 chiefly in respect of its performance markings and thus documents an interesting stage in the genesis of Schubert's best known and most widely disseminated song. Introduction in German-English with analysis of the four manuscript versions of Erkönig. Hardbound with decorative paper boards. $76 (more info... ) [item no.9398]

[”Die Forelle”, op.32, D. 550] Die Forelle (D 550). Faksimile nach dem Autograph aus den Sammlungen der Musikabteilung der Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Herausgegeben und mit einer Einführung von Elisabeth Schmierer / Facsimile of the Autograph from the Collections of the Music Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Edited and with an Introduction by Elisabeth Schmierer.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 33. Laaber, 2015. Oblong, 32 x 24 cm, 25, 2 pp. Full-color facsimile of the final version of the autograph dating from 1821, with moralistic warning of a trout being caught by a fisherman, metaphor for young women being chased by men. This particular autograph, the "fifth version" of the piece, was long unknown and it was not until 1975 that it appeared in the Schubert Complete Edition. Not generally the most performed version, it features a number of "earlier" melodic variants in a handful of passages and is the only version with a piano introduction. Introduction in Ger-Eng provides a detailed analysis of the five versions and the central problems relating to the compositional and performing practices of Schubert's day. Hardbound in decorative paper. A beautiful gift for any Schubert enthusiast. $58 (more info... ) [item no.9399]

[Songs, selections] Lieder mit Gitarrenbegleiitung / 39 Songs with Guitar Accompaniment. Faksimile aus der Handschrift des Franz von Schlechta herausgegeben von Stefan Hack / Facsimile of a Manuscript by Franz von Schlechta. Edited by Stefan Hackl.
Germolles-sur-Grosne, 2014. Oblong, 44 x 32 cm, 192 pp. Facsimile, with commentaries, of a historic document of the highest importance: a collection of 39 Schubert songs arranged for voice and guitar, transcribed by one of the composer's oldest and most faithful friends. It is not only the sole known source of one of Schubert’s compositions - Die Nacht - but moreover a unique testimony from the romantic age which once again calls attention to Schubert's relationship with the guitar. Commentary in Ger/Eng. Hardbound. $96 (more info... ) [item no.9442]

[Winterreise, D.911] Winterreise (D 911). Faksimile nach dem Autograph der Morgan Library & Museum, New York. Mit einem Geleitwort von Brigitte Fassbaender und einer Einführung von Michael Kube.
Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 31. Laaber, 2015. Oblong, 4°, 17, 74 pp. One of Schubert's greatest compositions, based on the poetry of Wilhelm Müller. Full-color facsimile of the autograph—a treasure of the Pierpont Morgan Library—consisting of a mixture of fair copies and heavily emended first versions. The somber mood of the songs reflects a tragedy in a distant frozen landscape, with frozen tears, numbed feelings, a longing for death, each stage of the loss of love is sounded out by the somnambulistic text of Müller. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Hardbound (text adapted from B. Fassbaender) $189 (more info... ) [item no.9397]

[Trio, piano, vln & vc, op.100, D929, Eb major] Klaviertrio Es-dur Opus 100 D 929. Faksimile nach dem Partitur-Autograph Schweizer Privatbesitz. Herausgegeben und mit eiem Vorwort von András Schiff. Einleitung von Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl.
[Henle Music Facsimiles, 25]. Munich, 2014. Oblong, 35 x 29 cm, xxi, 74 pp. Deluxe full-color facsimile of the autograph. Schubert’s Trio in Eb major op. 100 underwent many changes during its composition. The manuscript, parts of which were greatly revised, bears eloquent witness to this and offers an opportunity to trace the intricacies of Schubert’s phrasing and articulation. This source is in a private collection and this facsimile makes it accessible to the public for the very first time. In a letter to his publisher in 1828, Schubert explicitly dedicated the work to “no one, save those who find pleasure in it”. Commentary in Ger-Eng. Hardbound. $120 (more info... ) [item no.9360]

SCRIABIN, Alexander Nikolaievich, 1872-1915

Piano Sonata No.7 op.64. Faksimile nach dem Autograph im Besitz der Juilliard School, New York, Juilliard Manuscript Collection, Signatur 2 Sk63 AA JMC. Einleitung von Valentina Rubcova.
[Henle Music Facsimiles, 27]. Munich, 2015. 27 x 39 cm. xiv, 26 pp. Deluxe full-color facsimile of the autograph issued on the occasion of “Scriabin Year”. Scriabin’s seventh piano sonata is amongst the late sonatas nos. 6–10, conceived as preliminary studies for a “Gesamtkunstwerk” of enormous proportions, the “Mysterium”. The mystic aura of the sonata is communicated to the player not least through the ecstatic performance directions contained in the autograph and the first edition. Valentina Rubcova provides a guide for a journey of discovery through Scriabin’s esoteric musical world. Beautiful textured paper boards with autograph titling in mauvish crimson. $131 (more info... ) [item no.9440]

SIBELIUS, Jean, 1865-1957

Luonnotar op. 70. Facsimile of the Autograph Score and the Piano Reduction / Faksimile der autographen Partitur und des Klavierauszugs. Edited by T. Virtanen.
Jean Sibelius Werke. Wiesbaden, 2015. 25 x 32 cm, 88 pp. Special edition issued on the occasion of the 150th birthday of the composer. The large orchestral song Luonnotar is considered one of the boldest works of Jean Sibelius. This alone would be reason enough to print the autograph sources (full score and piano reduction) as a color facsimile for the Sibelius Anniversary Year 2015. In addition, the autograph score also has a special significance for the transmission: it ensured the survival of the entire work after World War II; the source material for the printer compiled by Breitkopf & Härtel had been destroyed in an air-raid bombing in 1943. The meticulously elucidated volume is the first complete facsimile edition of an orchestral work by Jean Sibelius – a milestone in Sibelius editorial history that meaningfully supplements the complete edition Jean Sibelius Works as a truly special volume. Linen. $99 (more info... ) [item no.9430]

STEIN, Johann Andreas, 1728-1792

Das Notizbuch von Johann Andreas Stein : Faksimile - Transkription - Übersetzung / The Notebook of Johann Andreas Stein. Facsimile—Transcription—Translation. Edited with an Introduction and commentary by Michael Latcham.
Quellenkataloge zur Musikgeschichte, 61 Wilhelmshaven, 2014. Oblong, 21 x 30 cm, 2 vols, 342, 510. Color facsimile, together with transcriptions, a translation into English and commentary of the personal notebook of Johann Andreas Stein, one of the most important instrument makers of the 18th c. The book contains poems, sketches, anecdotes, descriptions of all his journeys and work as a journeyman and instrument maker in Augsburg. There are references to Bartolomeo Cristofori and Frantz Jacob Spath and other interesting material such as stringing schemes for harpsichords, pianos and clavichords, improvements to the piano and clavichord, organ dispositions and lists of clients. Stein used the notebook from 1748 until 1777. The notebook contains dispositions of various organs including that of the famous Gabler organ in Weingarten, J.A. Silbermann’s organ in the New Church in Strasbourg and Stein’s own organ in the Barfüßerkirche in Augsburg. During the period of the notebook Stein invented his “Poly-Tono-Clavichordium” an instrument combining a large harpsichord and a Hammerflügel (1769) and a small expressive melody organ he called the “Melodica” (1772). 2 vols, clothbound, in slipcase. $558 [item no.9425]

TIELKE, Gottfried, 1668-1725

Per la Violadagambe: Neun Stücke für Viola da Gamba und Basso continuo / Nine Pieces for Viola da Gamba and Basso Continuo. Erstausgabe / First Edition. Herausgegeben von / Edited by Günter und Leonore von Zadow.
Heidelberg, 2014. 4º, 12, 28 pp. Halftone of the viola da gamba part (original tablature notation), together with new performing edition. Wrappers. $26 [item no.9387]

ULICH, Johann, 1677-1742

[12 Sonatas, recorder, bc] Sechs Sonaten für Blockflöte und Cembalo. Herausgegeben in zwei Bänden als Neuausgabe und Faksimile von Paul Wåhlberg.
Collegium Musicum—Kölner Reihe alter Musik. Magdeburg, 2014. 4º, 2 vols, 146 pp. Halftone of the Zerbst, 1716 edition, together with new performing edition. Preface in Ger/Eng. Wrappers. $59 [item no.9389]

VIOTTI, Giovanni Battista, 1755-1824

[Sonatas, 2 violoncelli/viols/bassoon] Six sérénades pour 2 violons seuls. Opus 23, n°1 (sérénades I, II, III), 1810. Préface et partie de violon I. Présentation par Béatrice Ernwein. [British Library, London].
Collection Dominantes. Courlay, 2014. 22 x 30 cm, 2 partbooks, xii, 28 pp. Line-cut of Imbault edition, Paris, 1810. Introduction in Fr-Eng-Ger. Wrappers. $41 [item no.9361]


[Bolzano] I manoscritti liturgico-musicali di Bolzano (secoli XIII-XIX). A cura di Giulia Gabrielli.
Bibliotheca Mediaevalis, 3. Lucca, 2015. 21 x 26 cm. $75 [item no.9434]

[Burgos, Monasterio de Cistercienses Calatravas de San Felices] Vita adelelmi (Vida de San Lesmes).
Madrid, 2004. 28 x 37 cm, 158, 236 pp. Deluxe full-color facsimile of a codex containing the Vita adelelmi and the official liturgy and music chants for San Lesmes, patron Saint of Burgos. As Burgos is one of the stops of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, this work nicely dovetails with Codex Calixtinus (transmitting the equivalent rite for Saint James). Commentary by Ángeles García de la Borbolla García de Paredes, Víctor Márquez Paillo, Rafael Sánchez Domingo, Clemente Serna González, & Miguel C. Vivancos Gómez. Limited edition of 230 copies bound in full leather with generous tooling and linen covered slipcase. (first added to OMI’s offerings in 2012) (more info... ) [item no.9220]

[Cortona, Biblioteca del Comune e dell’Accademia Etrusca, MS no.91] Il Laudario di Cortona. Cortona. Biblioteca del Comune e dell’Accademia Etrusca, ms. 91. A cura di Francesco Zimei e Marco Gozzi.
Venite a Laudare, 1. Lucca, 2015. 21 x 26 cm. 342 pp + commentary. Full-color facsimile of a mid to late 13th c. manuscript produced by the Brotherhood of Santa Maria delle Laude at the Church of San Francesco. This important source transmits 66 lauds —46 with text and music—and is one of the few cases with texts and music together. While the majority of the lauds are Marian in nature they also refer to Francisanism, morality subjects, and the liturgical calendar such as Nativity, Epiphany, Easter, Pentecost or specific saints (Vol. 2—Commentary—will be published in 2016) $195 (more info... ) [item no.9433]

French Baroque Music of New Orleans: Spiritual Songs from the Ursuline Convent (1736) / Musique française baroque à la Nouvelle-Orléans. Receuil d’airs spirituels des Ursulines (1736). Essays by: Jean Duron, Jennifer Gipson, Andrew Justice, Alfred E. Lemmon, Mark McKnight. Edited by Alfred E. Lemmon.
New Orleans. 2014 Oblong, 27 x 21 cm, 255 pp. In 1754 the Ursuline nuns of New Orleans received a gift from France, an illustrated manuscript copy entitled “Nouvelles poésies spirituelles et morales”. The ms consists of a compilation of contrafacts—popular melodies reworked with spiritual lyrics. The Historic New Orleans Collection acquired the ms in 1998 and now is pleased to present a full-color facsimile accompanied by in-depth commentaries in English and French. The composers include Couperin, Lully, Clérambault and many others. The contributing essays on sacred parody and music in colonial Louisiana provide scholars and performers alike with new insight into this genre. Wrappers. $110 (more info... ) [item no.9390]

Gitarrentabular. Italien 17. Jh. [MS AN 63, Bischöfliche Bibliothek Regensberg].
Faksimile-Edition Laute, 14. Stuttgart, 2015. Oblong, 27 x 14 cm, 48 pp. Full-color reproduction a charming MS collection of 20 dance numbers for solo guitar in alfabeto notation. The title page contains the coat of arms of Domenico Romani who also might be the main scribe. The manuscript comes supposedly from the private library of Dominicus Mettenleiter. Decorative paper boards. $36 (more info... ) [item no.9438]

Instruction oder eine Anweisung auff der Violadigamba. Edited by Bettina Hoffmann.
Heidelberg, 2014. 4º. Halftone of a contemporary ms copy that transmits an instruction or method for the viola da gamba, together with modern edition. A unique 18th c. source containing information on fingering & bowing technique. Commentary Ger/Eng. Wrappers. $34 [item no.9415]

The Kalivoda Manuscript (c. 1715 – 1723). D-Fschneider Ms 33. Music for Baroque Lute and Mandora from Prague. Edited by Matthias O. Schneider [with contributions by Miloslav Študent, Mathias Rösel, Joachim Lüdtke, & Markus Lutz].
Frankfurt, 2015. Oblong, 19 x 10 cm, 132, 52. Full-color facsimile in the original size of Ms 33 from the private library of Matthias Schneider (Frankfurt/Main) with introductory texts and a critical commentary in Ger/Eng. Ms 33, a holograph manuscript by the lutenist Georg Adalbert Kalivoda, was probably written in Prague. It contains 35 pieces for 11-course lute (partly in Partie) and a suite in three movements for 6-course mandora. Much of the early history of this lute book remains unknown. In the 20th c. it passed through the hands of collectors and researchers among them Alfred Cortot, Robert Spencer and probably Paul Nettl, who also owned at least two other lute manuscripts, which are both in American libraries today. Cloth. $67 (more info... ) [item no.9441]

[London, British Library, Add. Ms. 31922] The Henry VIII Book (British Library, Add. MS 31922). Facsimile with Introduction by David Fallows.
Diamm Facsimiles, 4. Oxford, 2014. 33 x 24 cm. 85, 273 pp. Full-color facsimile on heavy matt art paper. Anthology of mostly secular pieces probably copied in London ca. 1510-1520 and associated with the Court of Henry VIII. Includes 53 English secular songs, 15 French or French/English songs, 3 Dutch songs and 35 textless pieces. Although the MS was almost certainly not made for him (its decorations are too modest) in all likelihood it contains the repertory of Henry’s own music-making sessions, clearly written out and easy to read, a perfect size for intrumentalists or singers. Hardbound in blue buckram. $212 (more info... ) [item no.9394]

[Milan, Museo Diocesano s.n. “Antifonario ambrosiano”; olim Vendrogno in Val Muggiasca] L’antifonario di Muggiasca. A cura di Giacomo Baroffio.
Bibliotheca Mediaevalis, 2. Lucca, 2014. 17 x 25 cm, 3 vols, 584, 596, 384 pp. Ambrosian chant, non-Roman chant cultivated within the historical boundaries of the archdiocese of Milan including the cities of Bergamo, Brescia, Pavia, Piacenza & Vercelli, has a complex history. It has been pointed out that its syllabic chants exhibit even more rigidity than equivalent Gregorian examples, yet at the same time its melismatic chants can burst forth with unusual excesses comparable to those of ancient Hispanic chant. Unlike sources transmitting the Roman tradition the Ambrosian manuscripts preserve chants of the mass together with those for the office. The antiphonary of Muggiasca, a wonderful 14th-c. manuscript—reproduced here for the first time in facsimile (full-color, in reduced format), is considered by scholars to be one of the three most important sources of Ambrosian chant. Wrappers. $298 (more info... ) [item no.9422]

[“Milleran” Ms.] The Milleran Lute Book.
Lübeck, 2014. 18 x 18 cm, 120 pp. Full-color facsimile of a ms copied c.1655, considered to be the finest from the French lute school. Compiled by René Milleran, grammarian and interpreter to Louis XIV, and former student of Ch. Mouton. Pieces by Bocquet, Gallot, Gaultier & Mouton. 11-course baroque lute. Reproduced 2 up per page with black background. Hardbound. $145 (more info... ) [item no.9395]

[Montecassino, Archivio della Badia, ms. 542] Montecassino, Archivio dell'Abbazia, Ms. 542. Antiphonaire, 12eme siècle. Katarina Livljanić.
Paléographie Musicale, I/23. Solesmes, 2014. 4˚, 194 pp. Facsimile, in color, of a 12th c. antiphoner from Monte Cassino. Beneventan notation on dry-point staff, the manuscript is devoted almost entirely to chants of the Gregorian tradition. Introduction and inventory by Katrina Livljanić. Wrappers. $126 (more info... ) [item no.9343]

[Opus artis novae, polyphonies] Le codex de Chypre (Torino, Biblioteca Universitaria.J.II.9). Vol. III: Ballades II Introductory Texts, Poetic Texts and Critical Notes in French and English.
Opus Artis Novae, Polyphonies et Transcription Diplomatique 1300-1500, 3. Bologna, 2014. 24 x 32 cm, 236 pp. New critical edition using diplomatic transcription principles (original clefs, mensural notation). Wrappers. (In process of continuation, standing orders invited). $97 [item no.9368]

[Osnabrück, Diözesanarchiv, Inv. Nr. Ma 101] Codex Gisle — Gradual of Gisela von Kerssenbrock.
Lucerne, 2014. 35.5 x 26 cm, 344 pp. Of the approximately 500 mss copied by nuns that survive from medieval Germany, none stands out quite like “Codex Gisle”, a Gradual in courtly gothic style with about 1500 Gregorian chants adorned with 53 historiated initials. It gets its name from the Cistercian nun Gisela von Kerssenbrock who, according to the memorial inscription on fol. 1 (in an early 14th c. hand), copied and illuminated it sometime before 1300 for her convent of Marienbrunn in Rulle near Osnabrück. Already known to art connoisseurs through a fine but partial collotype facsimile published in 1926 with the participation of the art historian Martin Wackernagel, the manuscript will now be given its due worth in a complete and exacting fine arts facsimile by Quaternio Verlag of Lucerne. Deluxe edition of 480 copies bound with tooled leather and metal bosses and clasps. (more info... ) [item no.9345]

[Regensburg, Bischöflichen Zentralbibliothek, Ms. A.R. 775-777] Ms. A.R. 775-777 Proske-Bibliothek Regensburg. Vorwort von Raymond Dittrich.
Faksimile-Edition Rara, 66. Stuttgart, 2015. 21 x 30 cm, 6 partbooks, vi, 718 pp, audio CD. Line-cut of one the three most precious music manuscripts in the possession of the Proske-Bibliothek of the BZB. Of a total of 120 settings Lasso is represented by 34 pieces, Alessandro Striggio by 18, along with works by Cambio, Merulo, Vaet, Clemens non Papa, Meiland, Truthaer, Verdelot, Wert, Crécquillon, Deprez, Hollander, Prenner Corteccia, Gosswinus, Faignient, Bischoff, Monte, Padovano, Utendal, Claudius, Palestrina, Langius, A. Gabrieli, Fabricius, Ruffo, & Lange. The partbook MS—Discantus, Altus, Tenor, Bassus, Vagant, Sexta Vox— carries the title “1579 - Orlandi Lassi Sexta Vocum”, a reference to the Angelo Gardano print from which the first 11 Lasso works derive. The manuscript has received the attention of a number of musicologists, Armin Brinzing for localization, dating and repertorial makeup, and Eric Fiedler for important evidence regarding wind band performing practice. Includes CD recording “In Principio - Musik der Grazer Hofkapelle” which includes a number of works from A.R.775-777. Hardbound in decorative paper, with matching slipcase. $375 (more info... ) [item no.9431]

[”Rostock Lute Mss”, III] Die Lautenhandschriften der Universitätsbibliothek Rostock. Rostock III, Ms Mus Saec XVII-18-53,1 A.
Lübeck, 2015. 21 x 30 cm, 91 pp. 79 anonymous pieces and dances for 11-course lute, French tablature-baroque tuning. Softbound. $42 [item no.9466]

[”Rostock Lute Mss”, IV] Die Lautenhandschriften der Universitätsbibliothek Rostock. Rostock IV, Ms Mus Saec XVII-18-53,1 B.
Lübeck, 2015. 21 x 30 cm, 59 pp. 43 mostly anonymous pieces and dances for 11-course lute, French tablature-baroque tuning. Softbound. $63 [item no.9467]

[”Rostock Lute Mss”, V] Die Lautenhandschriften der Universitätsbibliothek Rostock. Rostock V, Ms Mus Saec XVII-54, ca. 1665-1670.
Lübeck, 2015. 21 x 30 cm, 2 vols, 200 pp. By far the largest lute source from the Rostock University Library this MS contains 400 pieces for 11-course lute, French tablature-baroque tuning. Softbound. $63 [item no.9453]

Torruella Leval, Susana. Music in the Woods. 100 Years of Maverick Concerts. Susana Torruella Leval, Curator. Texts by Miriam Villchur Berg, Susana Torruella Leval, Olga Touloumi, Tom Wolf. [Kleiner/James Center for the Arts of the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, July 18—August 30 & Woodstock Artists Association and Museum, July 18—September 26, 2015].
Woodstock, 2015. 22 x 25 cm. 82 pp. Exhibition catalog with 85 B/W and color illustrations celebrating the longest continuously-run summer classical music series in America. Hervey White established the utopian Maverick Colony in Woodstock NY in 1905, building the Maverick concert hall in 1916, a barn-like “cathedral in the woods”. Like the Bayreuth Festival, he made use of talented musicians on summer break, many who later became “Woodstockers” themselves, with programming of an eclectic mix of the old masters alongside of modernists (latter premieres include Cowell’s Trio in Nine Short Movements, Cages’ 4’ 33” and many Starer works). This lovingly compiled tribute-exhibit—using documents, art and objects from local institutions and private holdings—skillfully weaves together the story of the Maverick Concerts with elements of its founder, musicians, composers, visual artists and appreciative audience. Wrappers. $32 (more info... ) [item no.6791]


[“Bauyn” manuscript] Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Ms. Rés. Vm7 674-675: The Bauyn Manuscript. Edited by Bruce Gustafson with R. Peter Wolf.
The Art of the Keyboard, 10. New York, 2014. 4˚, 4 vols. Wrappers. $150 [item no.6784]

Brahms, Johannes (new critical edition) Streichquartette. Arrangements für ein Klavier zu vier Händen. Editor: Jakob Hauschildt.
Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke, IIA/3. Munich, 2015. 4º, xx, 244 pp. New critical edition. Cloth. $368 [item no.6795]

Brahms, Johannes (new critical edition) Orgelwerke. Editor: George S. Bozarth.
Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke, IV/2. Munich, 2015. 4º, xlix; l, 107 pp. New critical edition. Cloth. $237 [item no.6796]

Motets and Anthems. Edited by Jonathan Wainwright.
Musica Britannica, XCVIII. London, 2015. 4º. 176 pp. With the completion in this volume of the corpus of Richard Dering’s vocal music available in modern scholarly editions, we are now in a position to acknowledge fully his contribution to 17th-c. music. The contents include his entire sacred output in English (none of which was published in his lifetime), two verse anthems, two contrafacta, and one sacred song. There are also 18 motets for five voices and continuo. These Cantiones Sacrae, printed in Antwerp in 1617 by the Flemish publisher Pierre Phalèse the younger, are more typical of the impassioned Counter-Reformation motet style of Giovanni Gabrieli, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, and another émigré Catholic composer working in the Low Countries at the time, Peter Philips. Buckram. $150 [item no.6788]

Savoy Curtain-Raisers. Edited by Christopher O'Brien.
Musica Britannica, XCVIII. London, 2015. 4º. 276 pp. Shedding light on a little-known aspect of late-Victorian theatre, this volume offers full scores and librettos of two one-act operettas, produced at the Savoy Theatre and written to precede as curtain-raisers the main, full-length work of the evening. Richard D’Oyly Carte did much to cultivate the genre, initiated by Trial by Jury in 1875, and featured regularly at the Savoy Theatre between 1878 and 1908. Though all but forgotten today, the composers François Cellier (1849-1914) and Ernest Ford (1858-1919) had strong connections with Sullivan, and wrote a number of one-act works, of which only Captain Billy (1891) and Mr Jericho (1893) respectively are known to have survived. Buckram. $162 [item no.6797]

English Keyboard Music c.1600-1625. Edited by Alan Brown
Musica Britannica, XCVI. London, 2014. 4º. Modern critical edition. This volume is the first of two intended to extend the coverage of keyboard music in Musica Britannica comprehensively into the first quarter of the 17th century. The present edition contains music by anonymous and a dozen or so named composers, including the complete keyboard works of Nicholas Carleton, the surviving twenty 'Miserere' canons by Thomas Woodson, and the anonymous 'Pretty ways for young beginners to look on'. The 77 complete pieces are organized by genre, including preludes, plainsong settings, voluntaries, dances and character pieces. Drawing on 22 manuscripts which mostly also transmit music by Byrd and other noted virginalists, this residue of music from these sources shows great diversity and a pleasing level of technical skill and musical interest, sufficient to enhance our wider view of English Renaissance music. Buckram. $175 [item no.6782]

Secular Polyphony 1388-1480. Edited by David Fallows.
Musica Britannica, XCVII. London, 2014. 4º. 368 pp. Complements and completes the repertory of early secular polyphony edited by John Stevens in Musica Britannica volumes IV, XVIII and XXXVI. Includes music from mss copied in England as well as music by apparently English composers in mss from the continental mainland. It also includes a large number of pieces for whose origin there is no clear proof, but which are presented here in an appropriate musical context on account of their sources, form and style suggesting an English origin. The contents are presented in groups of material comprising ms collections from Cambridge University Library and the Bodleian Library, music by composers including Bedyngham, Dunstaple, Frye, Galfridus de Anglia, Hothby, Morton and Robertus de Anglia, works ascribed to Alanus, music from John Baldwin's Commonplace Book, English fragments, longer works before 1440, works related to the English repertory 1450–1480, and early arrangements of O Rosa Bella. Buckram. $206 [item no.6785]


[Certaldo VIII, proceedings] Beyond 50 years of Ars Nova studies at Certaldo, 1959-2009 : atti del convegno internazionale di studi, Certaldo, Palazzo Pretorio, 12-14 giugno 2009 / a cura di Marco Gozzi, Agostino Ziino e Francesco Zimei.
Lucca, 2014. 15 x 21 cm, x, 277 pp. Presentazione di Agostino Ziino; John Nadas: Una riflessione generale sulle nuove fonti musicali a cinquant'anni dall'inventario di Kurt von Fischer; Armando Antonelli: Tracce di ballate e madrigali a Bologna tra XIV e XV secolo (con una nota sul meccanismo di copia delle ballate estemporanee); Agostino Ziino: Sulla tradizione musicale della ballata “Per seguir la sperança che m'ancide” di Francesco Landini; Michael Scott Cuthbert: Palimpsests, Sketches, and Extracts: The Organization and Compositions of Seville 5-2-25; Marco Gozzi: Boccaccio, Gherardello e una ballata monodica; Carla Vivarelli: “Ars cantus mensurabilis mensurata per modos iuris” un trattato napoletano di ars subtilior? Pedro Memelsdorff: “Equivocus”. Per una nuova lettura del rapporto testo-musica nel Trecento italiano; Francesco Zimei: Riflessi musicali nella novellistica toscana del Trecento (statistiche e osservazioni); Gianluca D'Agostino: Some musical data from literary sources of the late middle ages; Sandra Dieckmann - Oliver Huck: Metrica e musica nel Trecento. Madrigali, ballate e cacce; Francesco Facchin: Suono e voce in Boccaccio. Wrappers. $70 [item no.6783]

De Clavicordio XI. Proceedings of the XI International Clavichord Symposium Magnano, 3-7 September 2013 Edited by B. Brauchli, A. Galazzo, J. Wardman.
Piemonte, 2014. 8º, 168 pp. Articles on all aspects of the clavichord by leading scholars, builders and performers. This issue presents several papers pertaining to CPE Bach. Wrappers. $79 (more info... ) [item no.6786]

Finscher, Ludwig (ed.) MGG—Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Allgemeine Enzyklopädie der Musik befründet von Friedrich Blume. Zweite, neubearbeitete Ausgabe herausgegeben von Ludwig Finscher. Subject Encyclopedia (9 vols); Biographical Encyclopedia (17 vols); Index to Biographical Encyclopedia (1 vol); Supplement to Subject Section (1 vol).
Kassel, 1994-2007. 8º, 29 vols. Buckram. Please inquire for special OMI price. Sets at the original 1994 subscription price can still be purchased—limited offer. (more info... ) [item no.6644]

Recercare XXV/1-2 2013. A Patrizio Barbieri per i suoi 70 anni. [Rivista per lo studio e la pratica della musica antica / Journal for the Study and Practice of Early Music].
Lucca, 2014. 8º, 196 pp. $30 [item no.6793]

Recercare XXVI/1-2 2014. A Patrizio Barbieri per i suoi 70 anni. [Rivista per lo studio e la pratica della musica antica / Journal for the Study and Practice of Early Music].
Lucca, 2015. 8º, 196 pp. $30 [item no.6794]