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BARTÓK, Béla, 1881-1945

[Music for Strings, Percussion & Celeste. Sz.106] Musik für Saiteninstrumente, Schlagzeug und Celesta. Faksimile des Partiturautographs und der Skizzen. Herausgegeben von Felix Meyer.

Eine Publikation der Paul Sacher Stiftung. Basel, 2000. 30 x 40 cm, 176 pp (103 facs). Beautiful color halftone of the autograph score of one of the towering masterpieces of 20th-century music. Originally commissioned by Paul Sacher in 1936 for the tenth-anniversary of the Basel Chamber Orchestra, the work was supposed to be "for strings alone" and "not too difficult technically". Bartók, vacationing at the time in Braunwald, Switzerland eagerly accepted the task. The manuscript is an unusual draft and faircopy in a single document. This stunning bibliophile edition consists of an introduction by Felix Meyer accompanied by numerous reproductions of period documents and photographs, and a full facsimile of the score—including 31 "discarded" pages provided as a supplement. It was published as a tribute to the memory of Paul Sacher and a celebration of sorts for the transfer (on loan) of the original manuscript from Peter Bartók to the Sacher Foundation Library. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Handsome binding in red linen, with matching slipcase. $254 (more info... ) [item no.7854]

[Sonata, 2 pianos, percussion, Sz.110, BB115] Sonate für zwei Klaviere und Schlagzeug. Faksimile des Partiturentwurfs und der annotierten Partiturkopie Paul Sachers / Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion. Facsimile of the Draft Score and Paul Sacher's Annotated Full Score Copy. Edited by Felix Meyer.

Eine Publikation der Paul Sacher Stiftung. London, 2018. 30 x 39 cm, 169 pp. Beautiful color halftone of the autograph draft score. Béla Bartók's Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, composed in summer 1937 on a commission from Paul Sacher and premièred in Basel in January 1938, is incontestably one of the supreme creations of modern music. This publication, with introductory essays by Felix Meyer, Robert W. Wason, Lászlo Vikárius, and Wolfgang Rathert, presents two major handwritten sources for this work from the holdings of the Paul Sacher Foundation: the draft score, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the sonata’s genesis, and a “whiteprint” of the fair copy, which contains additions from Bartók and differs substantially from the definitive version at the end of the development section in movement 1. The volume also contains a CD of the radio recording of 1940, with Bartók and his wife Ditta Pásztory playing the piano parts, as well as a new recording of the sonata in its “original” form, played by the Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo with percussionists Matthias Würsch and Christian Dierstein. Linen. $135 (more info... ) [item no.9589]

BOULEZ, Pierre, 1925

Le marteau sans maître. Fac-similé de l’épure et de la première mise au net de la partition / Facsimile of the Draft Score and the First Fair Copy of the Full Score. Édité par / Edited by Pascal Decroupet.

Eine Publikation der Paul Sacher Stiftung. Mainz, 2005. Oblong, 38 x 30 cm. 215 pp. Beautiful full-color facsimile edition of the autograph draft score and fair copy, produced on the occasion of the 80th birthday of the composer. Since its premiere 50 years ago at the 1955 Baden-Baden Festival, “Le marteau sans maître”, with its novel scoring (contralto, alto flute, viola, guitar, vibraphone, xylorimba and unpitched percussion) and poetry by René Char in four of the nine interlocked movements, has been considered one of the most outstanding serial works of the postwar avantgarde. Commentators have pointed out its wonderful hypnotic soundworld, complex rhythmic structure, and sudden bursts of instrumental crossfire, creating such a demand on the performers that some fifty rehearsals were required before its premiere. This excellent facsimile offers an exciting entry into Boulez’ “workshop”—allowing us to examine, side by side, the pencil draft score, final ink version, as well as a selection of sketch pages. Handsome binding in red linen with slipcase. $254 (more info... ) [item no.8588]

Tombeau. Fac-similés de l’épure et de la première mise au net de la partitur / Facsimiles of the Draft Score and the First Fair Copy of the Full Score. Édités par / Edited by Robert Piencikowski.

Eine Publikation der Paul Sacher Stiftung. Vienna, 2010. 38 x 47°, 154 pp. Beautiful full-color facsimile edition of the autograph draft score and the first copy of the full score. Unlike the world première of Marteau sans maître (1952-55), that of Tombeau for orchestra (1959), which took place in Donaueschingen on 17 October 1959, passed almost unnoticed, outshone by Pierre Boulez's unexpected triumph as a conductor when he stepped in to replace Hans Rosbaud at the head of the Südwestfunk Sinfonieorchester. Originally conceived as an individual tribute to Prince Max Egon zu Fürstenberg, who died suddenly in spring 1959, the work was ultimately included in the Pli selon pli cycle (1957-62, 1983, 1990). To celebrate the composer's 85th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the world première, the Paul Sacher Foundation and Universal Edition are now publishing the two original manuscripts of the score for the first time: the pencil draft and a fair copy in different colored inks. These fine examples of high-quality reproductions are also the earliest evidence of Boulez' friendship with Paul Sacher. The composer presented the scores to Sacher in the early 1960s. The facsimiles are prefaced by an introduction, which places the work in a historical and aesthetic context and takes a look at the compositional techniques used. It is illustrated by a selection of manuscripts from different stages of the creative process, as well as other related documents. Linen. $211 (more info... ) [item no.9165]

SHOSTAKOVICH, Dmitri, 1906-1975

Tahiti-trott (Tea for Two von Vincent Youmans) op.16. Faksimile des Partiturautographs. Festgabe zum 60. Geburtstag von Hermann Danuser, herausgegeben von der Paul Sacher Stiftung.

Eine Publikation der Paul Sacher Stiftung. [Hamburg], 2006. 30 x 39, 71, 6 pp. Full color facsimile of Shostakovich’s full score autograph of the orchestra arrangement of the musical hit “Tea for Two”. The composer evidently became acquainted with the Russian version of the song—called “Tahiti-Trott”—in 1926 in the Meyerhold Theater, where it formed a number in a theater piece. The composer’s arrangement (for large orchestra) dates from 1927 and was stimulated by the conductor Nikolaj Malko to whom it was dedicated. As the new proletariat orientation of the Soviet culture took place Shostakovitch was compelled to distance himself from the work which was criticized for its decadent Western posture. Although a set of parts existed in the Soviet Union, allowing occasional performances and providing the basis of two posthumous editions (1984 & 2006), the original manuscript stayed in the possession of Malko until 1989, when it passed to the Paul Sacher Foundation. This publication, a festschrift honoring the 60th birthday of Hermann Danuser, presents for the first time a complete facsimile edition, accompanied by 5 essays and a reproduction of the 1926 Russian edition of Tahiti-Trott. Linen. $89 (more info... ) [item no.8756]

STRAVINSKY, Igor, 1882-1971

[3 Pieces, string quartet] Trois pièces pour quatuor à cordes. Skizzen, Fassungen, Dokumente, Essays. Festgabe für Albi Rosenthal zum 80. Geburtstag. Herausgegeben von Hermann Danuser in Verbindung mit Felix Meyer und Ulrich Mosch.

Eine Veröffentlichung der Paul Sacher Stiftung. Winterthur, 1994. 25 x 38 cm, 174 pp. Beautiful full-color reproduction, documenting all the compositional stages of this important work: an early 4-hand version, various sketch-drafts, the complete fair copy (with first printed edition below), plus the first printed edition of the piano 4-hand version of 1914. Musicological contributions (in Ger & Fr) by Ernst Lichtenbahn, Richard Turuskin, Ulrich Mosch, Felix Meyer, Hermann Danuser, Niklaus Röthlin, & Robert Riencikowski. Dedicated to Albi Rosenthal on his 80th birthday. Hardbound. $254 (more info... ) [item no.7078]

The Rite of Spring / Le sacre du printemps (1910-13). Centenary Edition in Three Volumes. Facsimile of the Autograph Full Score Edited by Ulrich Mosch; Facsimile of the Version for Piano Four-Hands Edited by Felix Meyer; Avatar of Modernity: the Rite of Spring Reconsidered Edited by Hermann Danuser and Heidy Zimmermann.

A Publication of the Paul Sacher Foundation. London, 2013. 25 x 32 cm, 3 vols. Full color facsimile edition issued on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the first performance of the Rite of Spring. It was an epochal moment in the history of both music and ballet, and it signalled the breakthrough into Modernism. Subtitled “Scenes from Pagan Russia”, it is a work of international scope created as a collaboration among leading figures working in multiple genres—and a masterpiece of extraordinary artistic potency. Ger-Eng text. (more info... ) [item no.9305]

[Symphonies for Wind Instruments, 1920 ver.] Symphonies d’instruments à vent. Faksimileausgabe des Particells und der Partitur der Erstfassung (1920) herausgegeben und kommentiert von André Baltensperger und Felix Meyer.

Eine Veröffentlichung der Paul Sacher Stiftung. Basel, 1991. 22 x 26 cm, 48, 36 pp. Superb full-color halftone of the autograph full score and short score (particell). One of the last works from the composer’s “Russian” period, written for 23 wind instruments and dedicated to the memory of Claude Debussy. Reproduces the first version from 1920 in its two surviving versions: a full score fair copy (copied on thin ruled yellow paper) and the autograph particell. Commentary in Ger-Eng. Handsome binding with vellum spine and red paper boards, plus matching slipcase. $211 (more info... ) [item no.4231]

[Kunstmuseum Basel] Strawinsky. Sein Nachlaß. Sein Bild. [Herausgegeben vom] Kunstmusuem Basel in Zusammenarbeit mit der Paul Sacher Stiftung.

Basel, 1984. 22 x 30 cm, 386 pp; 20, 16 pp (booklets). Catalog to the exhibition held at the Kunstmuseum, June 6 to September 9, 1984. One of the richest picture documentaries ever assembled, consisting of essays and hundreds of facsimiles from the vast holdings of the Paul Sacher Foundation. Original designs for various stage works. Hardbound, with Stravinsky autograph on cover. (in German) $75 (more info... ) [item no.2089]


[Sacher, Paul] 12 Hommages à Paul Sacher pour violoncelle . . . Reproduktionen der Manuskripte von Kompositionen, die auf Veranlassung von Mstislaw Rostropowitsch aus Anlaß des 70. Geburtstages von Paul Sacher geschrieben wurden.

Vienna, [c.1976]. Upright & oblong, 30 x 37 cm, iv, 69 pp. Beautiful halftone of works for the violoncello composed in honor of Paul Sacher on this 70th birthday. Compositions by Beck, Berio, Boulez, Britten, Dutilleux, Fortner, Ginastera, Halffter, Henze, Holliger, Huber, and Lutoslawski. Handsomely boxed. [item no.732]

[Sacher Stiftung, Basel] Handschriften aus der Sammlung Paul Sacher. Festschrift zu Paul Sachers siebzigtem Geburtstag.

Basel, 1976. 4º, 197pp (68 illus.). Full-color halftone. Rich anthology of 20th-c. compositions from the library of one of the most enthusiastic promoters of contemporary music. Comprehensive catalog of 201 mss now in the Sacher collection. Full-size color plates of works by Conrad Beck, Jean Binet, Boris Blacher, Robert Blum, Benjamin Britten, Fritz Brun, Willy Burkhard, Alfredo Casellla, Ferenc Farkas, Walther Geiser, Josef Matthias Hauer, Hans Werner Henze, Paul Hindemith, Arthur Honegger, Hans Huber, Klaus Huber, Jacques Ibert, Rudolf Kelterborn, Dinu Lipatti, Ina Lohr, André-François Marescotti, Bohuslav Martinů, Marcel Mihalovici, Paul Müller, Walther Müller von Kulm, Bo Nilsson, Goffredo Petrassi, Richard Strauss, Igor Stravinsky, Robert Suter, Sándor Veress, Felix Weingartner, Superb bibliophile edition, 1000 hand-numbered copies. Vellum spine. Rare. $450 [item no.2128]


Meyer, Felix. Settling New Scores. Music Manuscripts from the Paul Sacher Foundation. Edited by Felix Meyer.

Mainz, 1998. 8º, 303 pp. Illustrated catalog of the exhibition ”Settling New Scores, Music Manuscripts from the Paul Sacher Foundation” at the Pierpont Morgan Library, May 13 - August 39, 1998. Important collection of essays tracing the development of 20th c. music. Numerous illustrations and facsimiles, many in color. Wrappers. $25 [item no.5430]

Mosch, Ulrich & Matthias Kassel. “Entre Denges et Denezy...” Documenti sulla storia della musica in Svizzera 1900-2000. A cura di Ulrich Mosch in collaborazione con Matthias Kassel.

Una pubblicazione della Paul Sacher Stiftung, Basilea. Lucca, 2001. 4º, 480 pp. Exhition catalogue. In 2000 the Swiss Association of Musicians (Schweizerischer Tonkünstlerverein), which Paul Sacher served for many years as president (1946-55) and honorary president (1955-99), celebrated its 100th anniversary by putting on a festival of the arts in St. Moritz. This gave the Foundation a welcome opportunity to offer a retrospective view of the past century by exhibiting music manuscripts, letters, photographs, and other documents from its rich holdings of 20th-c. Swiss music. The exhibition featured the contrasting currents of 20th-c. music, from the late romantic symphony of the fin de siècle through classical modernism and twelve-tone music to the present-day avantgarde. Examples were presented from the music of Hans Huber, Arthur Honegger, Frank Martin, Klaus Huber, Rudolf Kelterborn, and many others. Equally evident was the role played by institutions such as radio and by the country's many outstanding performers (including Ernest Ansermet, Paul Sacher, Hermann Scherchen, and Heinz and Ursula Holliger) in the dissemination and establishment of contemporary music in Switzerland. Another topic was the importance of music in invoking a national identity (e.g. the “intellectual civil defense” movement of the 1930s and 1940s) and the importance of Switzerland as a haven for such composers and performers as Béla Bartók, Adolf Busch, Sándor Veress, Wladimir Vogel, and Bohuslav Martinu. Nearly 200 exhibition items vividly recreated a century of Swiss music history, while the working manuscripts offered many a glimpse into the composers' working methods. Hardbound. $83 [item no.6354]

[Sacher Stiftung, Basel] Komponisten des 20. Jahrhunderts in der Paul Sacher Stiftung.

Basel, 1986. 23 x 30 cm, 462 pp. Catalog of an exhibit held at the Kunstmuseum Basel, April-July 1986. 50 essays, documentation and over 100 facsimiles of autographs, most in color, from the Sacher collection of 20th-c. composers. Includes essays and reproductions from Sacher’s Bach and Haydn autographs. Texts in original language of contributor (Fr-Ital-Eng). Hardbound, with 4-color autograph on cover. $125 [item no.2129]