The Winchester Troper
Facsimile Edition and Introduction by Susan Rankin

[Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Ms. 473]

folios 12v-13r

The Winchester Troper, compiled in the early 11th century and added to until the early 12th, was originally copied out and used at Winchester Cathedral. The settings include Kyries, Glorias, Introits, Alleluias, Tracts and Sequences. It is regarded a seminal text for the study of Anglo-Saxon musical and liturgical practice. The introduction explains how and why the book was made, and how its liturgical contents were designed. Studies of the hands of over 50 text scribes are accompanied by the first full account of Anglo-Saxon neume notation, and a study of the most innovative element of the collection, a series of 174 organa for two voices, representing a musical practice not recorded elsewhere in Europe before the 13th century.

London: Stainer & Bell, 2007 
Volume 50 of Early English Church Music 
  30 x 43 cm, 206 pages, buckram.  $239 

Winchester Troper
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