Kurt Weill Edition

The Kurt Weill Edition

Making available to scholars and performers the œuvre of one of the most frequently performed, fascinating, and provocative of twentieth-century composers

To be published in 35 volumes by European American Music in conjunction with the Kurt Weill Foundation, New York.
Format: 30 x 39 cm (scores); separate critical commentaries. Hardbound in dark blue linen.
Subscribers to the series receive a substantial savings.


There has long been a pressing need for a collected critical edition of Kurt Weill's music. In the decades since the composer's death in 1959 his musical legacy has been represented in print either by flawed editions or not at all. Only two of his compositions for the stage have ever been published in full score. Several major theatrical works were never circulated in any form, and only a few orchestral and chamber compositions have been generally available.
The Kurt Weill Edition addresses this basic need. For the first time, each of the composer's completed works will be presented in a form realizing the highest editoral and scholarly standards, dedicated to use by both scholars seeking authoritative texts and performes seeking accurate editions.




Series I - Stage  (23 volumes) including Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny, Die Dreigroschenoper, Der Silbersee, Die sieben Todsünden, Johanny Johnny Johnson, Lady in the Dark, Street Scene, and Lost in the Stars.

Series II - Concert 
(9 volumes), including the Concerto for Violin and Wind Instruments, String Quartet op.8, Das Berliner Requiem, Symphonies 1 & 2, Der Lindberghflug, Kleine Dreigroschenmusik.

Series III - Film 
(1 volume) including compositions for the films The River is Blue, You and Me, and Where Do We Go From Here?

Series IV - Miscellanea 
(c. 2 volumes) two facsimiles, one of the autograph full score of Die Dreigroschenoper, the other of popular editions of songs from the stage


Weill, 4

Facsimile of Sailor Jenny's song (Series IV, volume 1)
click image to view critical edition of the same music (Series I, volume 5)

       Weill, 2

Photo, Kurt Weill Foundation

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Published volumes:
Series I, Volume 0
        Zaubernacht. Edited by Elmar Juchem and
        Andrew Kuster
. (2009)
        $250 (subscription); $340 (non-subscription)   

Series I, Volume 1
        Der Protagonist. Edited by Gunther Diehl and
        Jürgen Selk. (2007)
        $325 (subscription); $475 (non-subscription)

Series I, Volume 5
        Die Dreigroschenoper. Edited by Stephen Hinton
        and Edward Harsh (2000)
        $240 (subscription); $360 (non-subscription)

Series I, Volume 13
        Johnny Johnson. Edited by Tim Carter (2012)
         $295 (subscription); $440 (non-subscription)

Series I, Volume 16
        Lady in the Dark. Edited by Bruce D. McClung
        and Elmar Juchem. (2018)
        $475 (subscription); $695 (non-subscription)

Series I, Volume 18
        The Firebrand of Florence. Edited by Joel
        Galand (2002)
         $425 (subscription); $600 (non-subscription)

Series II, Volume 1
        Chamber Music (String Quartet in B Minor, Sonata
        for Cello and Piano, String Quartet op.8, Frauentanz,
        and "Ich sitze da un' esse Klops"). Edited by
        Wolfgang Rathert and Jürgen Selk (2004)
        $225 (subscription); $335 (non-subscription)       

Series II, Volume 2
        Music with Solo Violin (including Concerto for
        Violin and Wind Instruments, op. 12, and Der neue
        Orpheus, op. 16, text by Iwan Goll). Edited by
        Andreas Eichhorn
        $250 (subscription); $375 (non-subscription)

Series IV, Volume 1
        Die Dreigroschenoper / The Threepenny Opera
        (full-color facsimile of the autograph full score printed
        by Stinehour Press). Edited by Edward Harsh (1996)
        $150 (subscription); $225 (non-subscription)

Series IV, Volume 2
        Popular Adaptations, 1927-1950. Edited by Charles
        Hamm. (2009)

        $175 (subscription); $225 (non-subscription)       

Coming volumes:
Series I, Volume 2
        Der Zar lässt sich photographieren. Edited by Nils

Series I, Volume 3
        Mahagonny Songspiel. Edited by J. Bradford

Series I, Volume 10
        Die sieben Todsünden. Edited by Kim H.
        Kowalke and Jürgen Selk

Series I, Volume 17
        One Touch of Venus. Edited by Jon Alan Conrad

Series I, Volume 20
        Street Scene. Edited by Kim H. Kowalke

Series I, Volume 21
        Love Life. Edited by Stephen Banfield

Series III, Volume 1
        Film Music (including compositions for the films
        The River is Blue, You and Me, and Where Do We
        Go From Here?). Edited by Wayne Shirley


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