WEBERN, Anton, 1883-1945

Sketches (1926-1945). Facsimile Reproductions from the Composer’s Autograph Sketchbooks in the Moldenhauer Archive. Commentary by Ernst Krenek with a Foreword by Hans Moldenhauer

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New York, 1968. Oblong, 37 x 30 cm, 16, 47 pp. Fine line-cut reproduction of the autograph. Webern made preliminary drafts for his compositions which show stages of evolution and the unending thought and care that he bestowed upon them. While Stravinsky called the finished products “those dazzling diamonds”, this volume allows us a glimspe into the composer’s workshop. These fascinating sketches, extracted from five sketchbooks from the Webern Archive, illustrate the meticulous step-by-step process of the composer’s 12-tone technique. Compositions include op.19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 31 and several unidentified works. Handsome binding in beige and brown linen, with slipcase. $70
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Webern, Sketches (1926-1945)
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