WAGNER, Richard, 1813-1883

Parsifal (WWV 111)

Facsimile of the Autograph Score from the National Archive
of the Richard-Wagner-Stiftung Bayreuth. With a Commentary by Ulrich Konrad

Wagner, Parsifal

detail of the MS

Wagner, Parsifa, cover
Documenta Musicologica, II/56 Kassel, 2020. 29.5 x 41 cm, 340, c.50 pp.

Full-color facsimile of the autograph score, the same score Hermann Levi conducted from for the work’s premier on July 26, 1882. Wagner wrote the autograph score almost entirely in violet ink, a color he preferred to use in the final years of his life. Throughout his life, Richard Wagner was proud of his even clear handwriting, always striving to produce manuscripts of a high calligraphic standard. The opera, Wagner’s last work, is about healing and compassion and is in many ways it represents the summation of the composer’s creative career. 

The idea was already in the back of his mind in the early 1840s when he first read the medieval epic Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach; that character became one of the main roles in Tannhäuser (1845). Parsifal’s son is the protagonist of Lohengrin (1848), and in the same opera the ending (“The Narrative of the Grail”) sets forth the Grail story. With Parsifal Wagner can now tell that full story, armed with a rich musical language that he developed from writing of the Ring, Tristan and other operas.

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