Opera Omnia Instrumental Antonio Vivaldi

 edited by Olivier Fourés

Making available to scholars and performers, in a new and updated edition, the oeuvre of one of the most frequently performed, fascinating, and influential of 17th-century composers

Ars Antiqua, Madrid, 2010 -. format: 23 x 33 cm (scores & parts), with critical notes included with the score. Softbound, in individual portfolios (one portfolio, consisting of one or a group of works, is considered a volume).

405 vols (over 524 works) published to date.

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Vivaldi Opera Omnia Instrumental

Ars Antiqua
Ars Antiqva is publishing the complete critical edition of Vivaldi's instrumental music in collaboration with the renowned Vivaldi expert Olivier Fourés. Professor Fourés is a contributor to the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi in Venice and musical adviser for a long list of baroque specialist performers including Giuliano Carmignola, Amandine Beyer, Daniel Hope, Pablo Heras Casado, and for various recording labels and music festivals: Deutsche Grammophon, Naďve, Harmonia Mundi, Outhere, Salzburger Festspiel, etc.

Vivaldi's currently available complete works edition, made possible by the ground-breaking work of Gian Francesco Malipiero and published by Ricordi, began in 1947. While the edition has been very useful in publicizing his music and filling a huge vacuum at the time, it falls short in musicological rigor, ignores hundreds of sources, is silent on many issues of performance practice and other needs of the performer, both professional and amateur. This is why Ars Antiqva has decided to offer an easy to use, critical edition, aimed at both musicologist and musician. For the first time, Vivaldi's whole instrumental catalogue (including arias with “obligatto” instruments) is being published. For the first time also, all the sources of the compositions are taken into account. This brings to light many unpublished documents, unpublished music, different versions of Vivaldi's compositions, important information concerning musical practice at Vivaldi's time such as ornamentation, variation, transcription, cadenzas or creative techniques. Each volume of Ars Antiqva's Vivaldi instrumental edition includes a score (with a critical introduction) and parts. In the case of solo concertos, a reduction for keyboard is provided to facilitate the practice in conservatories, music schools or private circles. 378 volumes (over 493 works), more than 90% of the total instrumental project, have already been published. The Ars Antiqua Opera Omnia Instrumental is full of new revelations and insights, providing for the first time, cadenzas for the Concerto “Grosso Mogul‟ and Sinfonias & Concerti ripieni. Among many new ideas Fourés has put forward an interesting theory on the reasoning of the composition of the "Le quattro stagioni".


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Vivaldi Opera Omnia Instrumental
        Olivier Fourés

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