V e r d i :  L a  m u s i c a  v o c a l e  d a  c a m e r a

nelle prime edizioni (Milano, 1838-80)
A cura di Giulio D’Angelo e Paolo P. Troian

Verdi. La musica vocale da camera
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Line-cut of the Ricordi editions, 1838-1880.  These chamber romanzes basically belong to the period dating from his final departure from Busseto immediately following the success of Nabucco. This music gives us a glimpse of Verdi`s formative training, his first points of reference in music terms, and in a larger sense, literature and culture. These works also shed light on his circle of friends and acquaintances, and on the cultural and political milieu in Milan. Wrappers, in portfolio.

Verdi. La musica vocale da camera, cover
Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/108. 4°, 218 pp.
ISBN 97-888-271-3081-0


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