Giuseppe Verdi
Gli Autografi del Museo Teatrale alla Scala / The
Autographs of the Museo Teatrale alla Scala

Milan & Parma: Museo Teatrale alla Scala & Istituto
Nazionale di Studi Verdiani, 2000. 9 volumes, 481 pp
(including 124 reproductions), in the original folio
format (24 x 34 cm), housed in deluxe clamshell case
in cloth. Price: $350 (few copies remaining)


Verdi: Gli Autografi

Notturno (1839)

Many of the compositions included in this facsimile, published in collaboration with the Istituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani, appear now for the first time. They belong to the collection of manuscripts and documents of the Museo Teatrale alla Scala and bring to light the youthful compositions of the composer and their connection with Milan, a city where Verdi's artistic and cultural personality was formed and the place where he ended his days.

The following works (or portions of works) are contained:

  Sinfonia (ed. Roberta Marvin)
  Tantum ergo, 1837 (ed. Dino Rizzo)
  Il trovatore, 1852 (ed. Jesse Rosenberg)
  Otello, 1887-1888 (ed. Damien Colas)
  Notturno, 1839 (ed. Marco Marica)
  Nabucodonosor, 1842 (ed. Roger Parker)
  Romanza, 1846 (ed. Emanuele Senici)
  Cupo il Sepolcro e Mutolo, 1843 (ed.
     Antonio Rostagno)

Verdi, Gli autografi, cover

Each of these titles, independently bound, is introduced by editorial criteria, historical information,
transcriptions, sources study and critical notes, both in English and Italian.

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