Bibliorum Sacrorum Graecus 1209

Codex Vaticanus B
Bibliotheca Apostolicae Vaticanae

                         Bibliorum Sacrorum Graecorum



Codex "Vaticano B" (Vat. Gr. 1209), compiled around 380 A.D. is one of the oldest biblical manscripts; it embraces both the Old and New Testaments. Written almost entirely in Greek, the Old Testament appears in the version known as "Settanta" followed by the Hebrew community of hellenistic Egypt between the 3rd and 2nd centuries B.C. Most scholars consider Vaticano B  among those manuscripts closest to the lost originals. The codex was probably copied in Egypt during the time when imposed Christianity became the official religion of the Empire, a circumstance that led to the copying of bibles with extreme care and high quality. The history of this manuscript before its appearance during the second half of the 15th century in the Papal  Library is still a mystery.

The facsimile: Full color reproduction in the original format (25.4 x 27.7 cm), 1,560 pp, with 76 page commentary. Limited edition of 500 copies bound in full parchment and housed in a clear acrylic case with polished brass screws. Istituto Poligrafico & Zecca dello Stato, Rome, 1999. Euro 4,906

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