New facsimile of a beautiful Ciconia, Dunstable,
Dufay, Binchois source

Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana Ms. Urbinates latini 1411. Facsimile Edition

[Vatican, Bibl. Apost., Urb. lat. 1411]

sample page: Ciconia's "O rosa bella"

Lucca, 2006. 14 x 22 cm, 36, 54 pp. Deluxe full-color facsimile of a small manuscript, copied in Florence, ca. 1445, with a repertory of Franco-Burgundian music. The collection may have been intended for the use of a private circle of cognoscenti”, as is suggested by an inscription on the verso of the opening page indicating that it belonged to “Piero di Chosimo de Medicj” [d.1469] and was given by him to “Piero de Archangelo de li Bonaventuri da Urbino”. After entering the ducal library in Urbino (signalled by the presence of a large heraldic illustration on fol.2v) it remained there until the transfer of the library to the Vatican in 1657. Unusual features of the ms are its inclusion of two settings by Ciconia and Dunstable of Giustiniani’s “O rosa bella”, three works, two of them unica, by Dufay, and twelve songs by Binchois (including some of his best), marking the earliest appearance in Florence of the music of this master of courtly French chansons. There is evidence that Urb. lat. 1411 not only belonged to the Medicis but was drawn upon for music to entertain them and their guests, showing that by 1440 the pre-eminence of Franco-Burgundian music was well established in Florence. Cloth. $245
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Biblioteca Apostolica Vatican, MS Urbinate Latino 1411. Edizione Facsimile, Codices e Vaticanis Selecti, Series Minor, 9.  90 pp (includes 36 pages of tables and introduction in Italian by Adalbert Roth). ISBN 88-210-0805-3.  $245

Separate English commentary by James Haar: Cittŕ del Vaticano Ms. Urbinas Latinus 1411. 8°, 75 pages, with 6 color illustrations ISBN 88-7096-400-0.   $36

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