UCCELLINI, Marco, c.1603-1680

Sonate, correnti et arie da farsi con diversi stromenti sì da camera, come da chiesa, à uno à due, à trè. Opera quarta.

[Sonatas, correnti, a1-3, strings, bc, op.4]

Uccellini, Sonate, correnti et arie, op.4
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Archivum Musicum: Strumentalismo Italiano, 59. Florence, 1984. 24 x 34 cm, 4 partbooks, i, c.162 pp. Line-cut of the Venice, 1645 partbooks (canto primo & secondo, terza parte & basso continuo). Contains 41 pieces for 1 to 3 instruments (ideally violins) & continuo. These sonatas—along with the Sonate over canzoni da farsi op.5, contributed greatly to the creation of an idiomatic style of writing for the violin (including virtuosic runs, leaps, and forays into high positions), expanding the instrument's technical capabilities and expressive range.Introduction in It by Marcello Castellani. Wrappers and slip cover in decorative paper. $45

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Uccellini, Sonate, correnti et arie, op.4, cover
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