Codex Turin
Deluxe Color Facsimile
Codex Turin J.II.9
Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria

Il codice J.II.9 /The Codex J.II.9. Torino, Biblioteca
Nazionale Universitaria. Edizione in facsimile /
Facsimile Edition. Studio introduttivo / Introduction
Study: Isabella Data, Karl Kügle.
Ars Nova, 4.
LIM Editrice: Lucca, 1999. 27 x 38 cm, 117, 320 pp.
ISBN 88-7096-158-3

Full color facsimile in the original size of a beautiful
ars subtilior source believed to be composed for the
Royal Court of Cyprus (c.1308-1432). In all likelihood
J.II.9 was part of the dowry brought over by
Anne of Lusignon, the bride of Louis of Savoy. The
MS, arranged in 5 fascicles, contains no less than 334
polyphonic and monophonic entries in this order:
plainchant, polyphonic mass movements, Latin &
French motets, French ballads, and virelais &
rondeaux. The introduction consists of a new
codicological study and re-evaluation of the codex in
light of new historical evidence on the relationships
between Cyprus, Savoy, and the great powers of
Europe against the background of the Hundred
Years' War and the Church Councils of the early
fifteenth century. Linen. $724
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Turin J.II.9