Trois Pièces pour Quatuor à Cordes

Trois pièces pour quatuor à cordes. Skizzen, Fassungen, Dokumente, Essays. Festgabe für Albi Rosenthal zum 80. Geburtstag. Herausgegeben von Hermann Danuser in Verbindung mit Felix Meyer und Ulrich Mosch

  - deluxe facsimile edition -


Beautiful full-color reproduction, based on original manuscripts and documents housed in the Paul Sacher Stiftung in Basel, documenting all the composi- tional stages of this important work. Musicological contributions (in German & French) by Ernst Lichtenbahn, Richard Turuskin, Ulrich Mosch, Felix Meyer, Hermann Danuser, Niklaus Röthlin, & Robert Riencikowski. Handsome binding in vellum paper and red paper boards, with slipcase. $254
Eine Veröffentlichung der Paul Sacher Stiftung.
Winterthur, 1994. Format: 25 x 38 cm, 174 pp.

Documents all the compositional stages of this important work: an early four-hand version, various sketch-drafts, the complete fair copy (with first printed edition below it), plus the first printed edition of the piano four-hand version of 1914.  Dedicated to Albi Rosenthal on his 80th birthday.

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