Tahiti-trott (Tea for Two von Vincent Youmans) op.16

Faksimile des Partiturautographs. Festgabe zum 60. Geburtstag von Hermann Danuser, herausgegeben von der Paul Sacher Stiftung

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Eine Publikation der Paul Sacher Stiftung. [Hamburg], 2006. 30 x 39, 71, 6 pp. Full color facsimile of Shostakovich’s full score autograph of the orchestra arrangement of the musical hit “Tea for Two”. The composer evidently became acquainted with the Russian version of the song—called “Taiti-Trot”—in 1926 in the Meyerhold Theater, where it formed a number in a theater piece. The composer’s arrangement (for large orchestra) dates from 1927 and was stimulated by the conductor Nikolaj Malko to whom it was dedicated. As the new proletariat orientation of the Soviet culture took place Shostakovitch was compelled to distance himself from the work which was criticized for its decadent Western posture. Although a set of parts existed in the Soviet Union, allowing occasional performances and providing the basis of two posthumous editions (1984 & 2006), the original manuscript stayed in the possession of Malko until 1989, when it passed to the Paul Sacher Foundation. This publication, a festschrift honoring the 60th birthday of Hermann Danuser, presents for the first time a complete facsimile edition, accompanied by 5 essays and a reproduction of the 1926 Russian edition of "Taiti-Trot". Linen. $89 
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Shostakovich, Taiti-Trot

Taiti-Trot (cover of
Moscow, 1926 edition)

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