SCRIABIN, Alexander Nikolaievich, 1872-1915

Piano Sonata No.7 op.64

Faksimile nach dem Autograph im Besitz der Juilliard School, New York, Juilliard Manuscript Collection, Signatur 2 Sk63 AA JMC.  Einleitung von Valentina Rubcova

Scriabin, Piano Sonata No.7 op.64

[Henle Music Facsimiles, 27]. Munich, 2015, 27 x 39 cm, xiv, 26 pp.

Deluxe full-color facsimile of the autograph fair copy issued on the occasion of “Scriabin Year” and the first facsimile of a source from the prestigious Juilliard Manuscript Collection.

Scriabin’s seventh piano sonata is amongst the late sonatas nos. 6–10, conceived as preliminary studies for a “Gesamtkunstwerk” of enormous proportions, the “Mysterium”. The mystic aura of the sonata is communicated to the player not least through the ecstatic performance directions contained in the autograph and the first edition. Valentina Rubcova provides a guide for a journey of discovery through Scriabin’s esoteric musical world. Beautiful textured paper boards with autograph titling in mauvish crimson. $118

Scriabin, Piano Sonata No.7, Op.64, cover
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