Clara Schumann

Das Berliner Blumentagebuch 1857-1859

Eineleitet von Renate Hofmann

Kommentiert von Renate Hofmann und Harry Schmidt.

Wiesbaden, 2/1996. 16 x 26 cm, 77, 54 pp
.  ISBN 3-7651-0285-7   $41


Berliner Blumentagebuch

Berliner Blumentagebuch, 3

Berliner Blumentagebuch, 4

Berliner Blumentagebuch, 5


Berliner Blumentagebuch, 2
Beautiful bibliophile edition of a unique diary of pressed leaves and flowers. Clara Schumann avidly collected flowers in the years following Robert’s death. Many of the items in this diary coincide with important biographical or artistic events and are accompanied by annotations such as "Souvenir from the Rhein 1857, given to me in the summer by Johannes". This extraordinary volume reproduces the 27 folios of the "Berlin Flower Diary" (Deutschen Staatsbibliothek, Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz Berlin), each accompanied by historical background  provided by Renate Hofmann and a botanical note by Harry Schmidt. Handsome brown paper boards with signature of Clara Schumann embossed in gold. Slipcase with reproduction of one of the pressed flowers. Winner of the German Music Edition Prize for 1992. A perfect gift for lovers of music and botany.

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