SCHUBERT, Franz, 1797-1828

Die große Sonaten für das Pianoforte, D 958, D 959 und D 960 (Frühe Fassungen). Faksimile nach den Autographen in der Wiener Stadt- und Landesbibliothek. Erstveröffentlichung. Begleitender Text und Kommentar von Ernst Hilmar

[Sonatas, piano, D.958, 959 & 960]

Schubert, Piano Sonatas D 958, D 959 & D 960

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Veröffentlichungen des Internationalen Franz Schubert Instituts, 1. Tutzing, 1987. Oblong & upright, 35 x 27 cm, 34, 28 pp. Beautiful 4- and 5-color halftone in the original loose sheet and bifolio format. Schubert’s working copies of the great C minor, A major and B-flat major sonatas. Includes beginning of the fair copy of the A major. Separate commentary vol. in German by one of the most distinguished Schubert scholars; richly illustrated with letters, musical autographs, title pages, and watermarks. 4 folders in handsome antique-patterned paper. (n.b. This facsimile is no longer supplied with the blue linen portfolio). Reduced price. $130


Schubert, Piano Sonatas D 958, D 959 & D 960, cover

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