SCHOENBERG, Arnold, 1874-1951

Sechs kleine Klavierstücke op. 19
Six Little Piano Pieces op. 19

 Facsimile Edition. Commentary by Christian Meyer

Schoenberg, Six Little Piano Pieces op.19
Holograph Fair Copy of Piece no. six

Vienna, 2009. 4°, 23 pp. Full-color reproduction. Arnold Schoenberg’s Six Little Piano Pieces Op.19, composed in 1911, can be counted among the iconic works of the music of the 20th century. Extreme concision of diction and an immediate will to expression are here combined. This newly released facsimile edition permits a detailed study of the composer’s first written "working" copy and holograph fair copy. The aura of the manuscripts conveyed by the faithful reproduction of the originals gives an impression of the uniqueness of this piece in its time and also in ours. It allows us to follow compositional thought processes and to obtain insight into details of interpretation. Commentary in English. Includes reproduction of Schoenberg's moving painting (oil on canvas) of Gustav Mahler's burial (no. VI of Six Little Pieces was sketched under the immediate effect of Mahler's funeral).
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Schoenberg, Six Little Pieces op.19, opening