SCHOENBERG, Arnold, 1874-1951

Gurre-Lieder. Reproduktion des Autographs nach der Faksimileausgabe von 1912. Herausgegeben von Ulrich Krämer

Gurre-Lieder. Full Score (Reproduction of the Autograph from the Facsimile Edition of 1912)

Schoenberg, Gurrelieder


Arnold Schönberg Sämtliche Werke, A/V/16,2. Mainz, 2002. 28 x 38 cm, viii, 181 pp. Beautiful line-cut reproduction in slightly reduced format of the 1912 facsimile issued by Universal. Gurre-Lieder is a large cantata for five vocal soloists, narrator, chorus and large orchestra, based on poems by the Danish novelist Jens Peter Jacobsenwith.  Begun in 1900 as a song cycle for soprano, tenor and piano, and written in lush late-romantic Wagnerian style, the work was repeatedly put aside for other projects and not completed until 1911. Its premiere took place in Vienna under the baton of Franz Schreker, and the performance received positive reviews. In "Des Sommerwindes wilde Jagd" Schoenberg introduced for the first time the vocal technique "Sprechgesang", later explored in Pierrot Lunaire. The original manuscript now resides at the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York. Commentary by Ulrich Krämer. Linen. $207
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