SACRATI, Francesco, 1605-1650

La finta pazza
Partitura in facsimile ed edizione dei libretti. A cura di Nicola Usula

Sacrati, La finta pazza, libretto

Drammaturgia Musicale Veneta, 1.
Milan, 2018.

Line-cut reproduction of a copyist ms. La finta pazza (The feigned Madwomen), with libretto by Giulio Strozzi, was premiered during the Carnival season of 1641 inaugurated by the newly created Teatro Novissimo. A variation on the story of Achilles on Skyros, its incredible success was attributed to the presence of the diva Anna Renzi, the amazing stage machinery of Giacomo Torelli, combined with remarkable music with extremely sophisticated relation between music text. It was the first opera performed at the French court in 1645, leaving a huge impact on the young Louis XIV. Linen. $215

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Sacrati, La finta pazza

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