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Lautenmusik aus Schloß Rohrau

Lute Music from Rohrau Castle

Werke von Silvius Leopold Weiss und anderen. Zwei Manuskripte für Barocklaute aus der Graf Harrach’schen Familiensammlung. Als Faksimile herausgegeben und kommentiert von Michael Freimuth, Frank Legl und Markus Lutz.

Works of Silvius Leopold Weiss and others. Two manuscripts for baroque lute from the collection of Count Harrach. Facsimile edited and commented by Michael Freimuth, Frank Legl and Markus Lutz.

Frankfurt, 2010. Format: 4°, oblong, xlviii, 268 pp.

Lute Music from Rohrau Castle
sample facsimile (halftone)

Lute Music from Rohrau Castle, cover

The world-famous art collection of the Harrach family is preserved in their castle at Rohrau near Vienna. In 2004 the curator of the collection, count Arco-Zinneberg, came across 7 manuscripts (2 of them lute tablatures) preserved together with the art collection. Christoph Angerer and Michael Freimuth were called to evaluate the mss and soon realized the value of the find, particularly of the lute tablatures. The first volume mostly contains works by Sylvius Leopold Weiss, among them 11 suites of several movements that have been previously unknown, 1 complete lute duet in 4 movements, and the suite in A that has so far survived as solo music, but here it is in the form of a trio for violin, lute and bass.

Lute Music from Rohrau Castle
index of pieces with musical incipits

The title of the second volume, "Lautenmusik von unbekannten Componisten" (lute music by unknown composers) was obviously caused by the scribe’s ignorance of the music, since already as many as 4 suites could be ascribed to Weiss by concordances. Other suites in the collection are composed in a style that is quite similar to Weiss’ style as well. Quite unexpectedly, the volume also contains 4 pieces for lute in renaissance tuning, notated in Italian tablature. The present volumes, comprising 200 pages, bridge a gap in the group of sources of lute music by Weiss, complementing other Weiss manuscripts in London and Dresden, as they mainly contain pieces of his early creative period. The 2 manuscripts in Rohrau contain a total number of 167 movements for the lute, organized in 26 suite-like sequences. Without doubt, these volumes are of the highest significance both for active lute players and for scholars. Handsome red linen boards with gold lettering.
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