Sketches and Photographs from the Ricordi Historical Archives.

[Milan, Archivio Storico Ricordi]

[Archivio Storico Ricordi] Milan, 2006. 48 x 33 cm, 16 pp. A selection of fine reproductions of original material preserved in the Ricordi Historical Archives, Milan, an Italian National Heritage Site. The bibliophile-quality, large-format and faithful-to-the-original reproductions—from the golden period of Italian opera—are suitable for framing or, in a library environment, provide an excellent resource for scholars. The collection consists of 12 sketches (mostly scene designs) and 4 photographs. Contents: Mascagni/Iris (act III); Mulè/Liola (act I); Respighi/La Fiamma; La Scala; Puccini/La Boheme, Puccini/Madama Butterfly (act I) Puccini/Il Tarbarro; Puccini/Tosca (act III); Puccini/Turnandot; Zandonai/I Cavalieri di Ekebu (act I); Zandonai/Conchita (act III); Zondonai/Melenis (act III); Photos: Puccini in New York; Puccini in Automobile; Verdi with a Parasol; Verdi in the Garden at Sant’Agata. $350

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