Porto 714: Um manuscrito precioso. Manuel Pedro Ferreira.

[Porto, Biblioteca Pública Municipal, ms. 714]

opening: Dufay's "Adieu m'amour"

Porto, 2001. 15.5 x 23 cm, 240 pp. Color halftone of a lovely renaissance manuscript probably written in Ferrara around 1465. This source actually consists of two parts, a theoretical section, fols.1-50 (a tract on solmization, tones and modes and the Libellus cantus mensurabilis” by the celebrated theorist Johannes de Muris), and a collection of polyphonic songs with Italian or French texts, fols.51-79, copied in choirbook format. The music notation for the song section—executed in solid black and red ink—is unusual for this time period. The composers include Robert de Anglia (2), Galfridus de Anglia (2), John Bedyngham (3), Guillaume Dufay (8) and Gilles Joye (1). The ms features 30 decorated initials executed in gold, blue, red and green ink. Commentary and codicological remarks in Portuguese and English. Bound in dark brown cloth with embossed title. Sold Out

Porto, 2
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