Gaston Phoebus—Livre de chasse (Book of Hunting)
Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, Ms. M.1044

Gaston Phoebus, Livre de chasse, 1

Gaston III, Count of Foix and Béarn (called "Phoebus"—after the Sun god— because of his golden blond hair) composed his Livre de chasse between 1387-1389. Organized in 4 parts and written in a clear narrative voice, the work not only depicts the multi-faceted forms of hunting, but presents an impressive knowledge of the natural sciences—long before the age of modern empirical science—with detailed observations on the various animal species.
Livre de chasse has become the most famous hunting book of the middle ages (altogether 46 copies of the work have survived). The Pierpont Morgan Library's presentation manuscript—created in the atelier of the "Master of Bedford" and commissioned by Philip the Bold (1342-1404)—is one of the most beautiful of them all, with its clear French "textura" hand (written in a Gasconian dialect), 87 precious miniatures and 126 large-format initials.

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The  facsimile: 256 pages in the original format (28.6 x 38.5 cm).  Limited edition of 980 copies bound in quarter vellum. Commentary by Yves Christe, William Voelke and François Avril.

Gaston Phoebus - Livre de chasse, 2

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