PERI, Jacopo, 1561-1633

Le musiche sopra l’Euridice

Peri. Le musiche sopra l’Euridice

Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/2. Bologna, 2/1995. 4°, 58 pp. Line-cut of the Florence, 1600 edition. Created for the marriage of Henry IV of France and Maria de Medici (one of the most important political marriages of the 17th c.), it premiered in a small hall of the Pitti Palace. Composed with simple monodies with figured bass accompaniment and choruses for 3-5 voices, Peri's work is the second modern opera (behind Dafne) and the first Euridice (before Caccini's opera of the same name). The rivalry of Peri and Caccini is well known, and the rush to be the "first" is made more complicated by the fact that Caccini and his performers had a integral role in the first performance of Peri's work, with many of the roles filed by members of  Caccin's troupe, including his daugther Francesca.  It is important to point out that Peri's opera was not the main musical event of the wedding celebrations, but was followed two days later by a lavish production of Caccini's Il rapimeto di Cefalo, a spectacular intermezzi now lost, performed by some 100 musicians to an audience of 3,800 people. Wrappers. $44


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Peri. Le musiche sopra l’Euridice, copy