Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli (fl. 1660-69)

Sonate op. III & IV for Violin & BC -  Innsbruck 1660

Facsimile, Edited by Enrico Gatti and Fabrizio Longo


Pandolfi Mealli, Sonatas op. III & IV  
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Magdeburg, 2011. 21 x 30 cm, xxx, 50; 42 pp.

Although the details of Giovanni Antonio Pandolfo Mealli’s life are still largely unknown, his music is no stranger to the concert hall.  Unfortunately these beautifully reproduced facsimiles of Sonata Opera Terza and Opera Quarta represent all that the world knows of this great composer and virtuoso violinist.  Printed in the movable type of the time—but easy to read by modern performers today—these pieces illustrate the flourishing art of violin playing in central Italy in the heart of the 17th century. Pandolfi often writes out his ornamentation in full—a personal indication of his virtuosity—and so adds an extra dimension of interest for the modern performer.
The sonatas have an almost "portrait" quality with endearing titles such as La Stella, La Cesta. La Melana, La Castella, La Monella Romanesca, La Biancuccia, La Vinciolina, etc. These are "nicknames" of actual historical figures—many of them virtuosi musicians—to whom Pandolfi Mealli pays special hommage. Commentary in It-Eng. Wrappers. $74

Pandolfi Mealli, cover
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