Nauclerus Lute Book

Johannes Nauclerus Lautenbuch

Gesamtfaksimile / Complete Facsimile

Faksimile nach der Lautenhandschrift in der Staatsbibliothek BerlinPreußischer Kulturbesitz, Signatur: Mus. ms. 40141.
Kommentar und Konkordanzen: Ralf Jarchow

Glinde, 2010. Format: 21 x 30 cm, 208 pp. $102

Nauclerus Lute Book 
Nauclerus Lute Book, cover
Renaissance lute


The lute book of the North Frisian pastor Johannes Nauclerus (1579-1655) was copied between 1607 and c.1620 and it is one of the most frequently cited “student manuscripts” of the time. Apart from pieces for 6- to 8-course lute written in French and some in German tablature, there are 5 pieces for cittern. The extensive research for his biography shows also the acquaintance of the contemporary pastor Petrus Fabricius, to whose well-known song and lute book, there are also numerous concordances. Composers: Adriaenssen, Azzaiolo, Besard, Cutting, Denss, J. Dowland, Fabricius, Fuhrmann, Gastoldi, Haussmann, Holborne, Huet, Lechner, Lorenzini, Luther, Meiland, Nauclerus, Otto, Regnart, Reymann, Robinson, Schröter, Senfl, Thym, Vecchi, Waissel, & Walter. Commentary in Ger-Eng. Hardbound.

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