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Códice Murúa
Historia y Genealogía Real de los Reyes Incas del Perú, de sus hechos, costumbres, trajes y manera de Gobierno

Colección Thesaurus Americae [5]

Dublin, Private collection Sean Galvin


At the end of the 16th century a set of chronicles appeared in Perú which had as its central theme the cultures of the prehispanic and autochtonous populations. These chronicles had two authors: Fray Martín de Murúa, a priest, and Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala, an indigene, who included in their works a great number of illustrations. There is evidence that the two authors knew each other and a great number of the illustrations in the priest's work were executed by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala. The work of the latter El Primer Nuova Cronica y Buen Gobierno” (c.120 pages) has 399 drawings. The priest is the author of two codices, one—presented here for the first time in facsimile—is known as the Galvin Manuscript, named after its owner and is kept in Dublin, Ireland. It dates from 1590 and has additions that go as far back as the beginning of the 16th c. Its title “Historia y Genealogía Real de los Reyes Incas del Perú, de sus hechos, costumbres, trajes y manera de Gobierno” tells us about the history, genealogy of the Inca Kings and of their customs, temples, cities, prisons, costumes, dresses and ways of government. The drawings show both an European and an indigene artist. As mentioned, this work had never been published but its text was known thanks to a copy made in 1890, known as the Loyola Ms.


That copy did not reproduce the 113 watercolors of the original displayed now faithfully in this fantastic facsimile. The other codex of Fray Martín de Murúa was discovered in the 1940s, disseminated in two editions and known as the Wellington Manuscript.

The facsimile: 270 pages in the original format—20 x 30 cm—bound in vellum with leather ties after the original. Commentary (277 pp) by Juan Ossio. Limited edition of 980 copies.

Testimonio Compañia Editorial
Madrid, 2004.  ISBN 84-95767-27-9
Euro 1700

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