MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791

Sonat för cembalo och violin. Köchel nr 454. Faksimil av Autograf i Stiftelsen Musikkulturens Främjande, uitgiven av Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien i samarbete med Stiftelsen Musikkulturens Främjande och Svenska Stråklärareförbundet esta.

[Sonata, piano, violin, K.454, autogr.]

first page of Violin Sonata in Bb Major, K.454

Autographus Musicus, 23. Bandhagen, 1982. Oblong, 31 x 22 cm, iv, 16 pp. Simple line-cut of the autograph score. This fascinating manuscript of Mozart's most important violin sonata is well documented in the primary and secondary literature—various anecdotes, not always accurate, have become legendary. The simple facts are that Mozart composed the work for the talented violinist Regina Strinasacchi from Mantua, praised by both he and his father as being an exceptionally gifted violinist with much taste and sensitivity.  Interestingly the work was not completely written down by the time of its first perfomance with Mozart accompanying the violinist, which took place in the
evening of 29 April 1784 in a  theater in Vienna. The manuscript shows this "irregularity" by various intensities of the inks between the violin part and the accompaniment, and much of the accompaniment seems to have been added later, as it hardly fits into the alotted space. Introduction in Ger by Eduard Melkus, one of the great violinists & pedagogues active in the revival of authentic 18th c. performance techniques. Wrappers.  OUT OF PRINT

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