Deluxe Facimile Edition

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus
Requiem K 626
Facsimile of the autograph score held in the Austrian National Library. With a commentary by Christoph Wolff and Günter Brosche. ISBN 3761823460

Mozart, Requiem K.626

Mozart’s Requiem is fraught with questions and emotions: the expressive depth of its music, sorrow at the great composer’s early death, truth and legend, fragments and attempts to complete the work. The surviving manuscript reflects its dramatic history: Mozart’s handwriting often appears on the same page as the handwriting of Süssmayr and others. One corner of a page with Mozart’s final musical thoughts was later stolen, but an old photograph bears witness to it. This new high quality bibliophile facsimile is printed on fine natural laid paper with each page carefully trimmed to match the original.
The Requiem has been reproduced in three prior facsimile editions, first in 1913, and two in 1990. This is the first that sets out to capture the tactile experience of the original manuscript by the careful selection of paper stock and trim size, much like the recent facsimile of the Symphony in G Minor K. 550 does. Günter Brosche provides a detailed description of the manuscript while Christoph Wolff writes on the work’s genesis. A worthy acquisition for any library or Mozart lover.

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Mozart, Requiem K.626    

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