Deluxe Color Facsimile

Mozart. Symphony in G Minor, K 550
Arranged by Muzio Clementi (AA I/1) for Four Instruments: Piano, Flute, Violin, & Violoncello

Sinfonia in sol minore K 550. Adattamento per 4 strumenti di Muzio Clementi. Introduzione, facsimile dell’autografo e trascrizione a cura di Remo Giazotto. [Biblioteca dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Rome]

Beautiful halftone in full color of Clementi’s autograph transcription of the G Minor Symphony for four instruments. Issued on the occasion of the bicentennial of Mozart's death. This is a fascinating document showing the tradition common at the turn of the 18th century of arranging symphonic works for smaller chamber groups. Together with a new printed edition of the score and separate parts. Introduction in It-Eng by Remo Giazotti. Wrappers, with slipcase.

Lucca, 1991. L’Arte Armonica, I/1.
xxxiii, 23, 77 pp. Oblong, 22 x 27 cm.

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