Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Fugha per 2 Violini, Alto e Violoncello, composta dal W.A. Mozart

[Adagio & Fugue, K.546, parts]

Mozart, Adagio & Fugue, K.546

Frankfurt, 1980. 22 x 30 cm, 4 parts, 16 pp. Fine line-cut of the Vienna, 1788 edition. This work, especially the fugue section, has a clear connection to the music of Bach, introduced to him in 1782. It is a transcription for strings of his Fugue in C minor for two pianos, K.426 written in 1783. This beautiful facsimile attempts to recreate the look of an 18th print, showing the impression of the printing plates on the paper and utilizing fine paper the exact size of the original with irregular deckel edges. As this work was the very first publication of Hoffmeister & Kühnel (forerunner of the firm C.F. Peters) the facsimile is a tribute to both composer (one of few works published within his lifetime) and the publisher. With green silk string securing the four bifolios together. $45


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Mozart, Adagio & Fugue, K.546