First facsimile ever of a music collection dedicated to the Spanish Master

Cristóbal Morales 1500-1553

Magnificat omnitonum cum quatuor vocibus
RISM 15621 / M3597

[Brussels, Konikklijke Bibliotheek]

Morales, Magnificat omnitonum cum quatuor vocibus, 1562

[Yellow Book Series, 11]. Højbjerg, 2015. 28 x 41 cm, 128 pp. Line-cut of the Antonio Gardano edition, Venice, 1562. 16 settings (mostly a4) by Morales, with additional works by Carpentras (2), Iachet (1), and Richafort (1), beautifully and clearly printed in large choirbook format. A delight for singers and students performing from original sources. Wrappers. $120

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Antonio Gardano Printer

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