MONTEVERDI, Claudio, 1567-1643

Sanctissimae virgini missa senis vocibus ad ecclesiarum choros ac vesperae pluribus decantandae. Introduction: Greta Haenen.
[Civico Museo Bibliogra Musicale, Bologna]

[Mass a6, Magnificat, & Vespers]

Monteverdi, Mass a6, Magnificat, & Vespers

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Peer, 1992. 8 partbooks, 460 pp.

Line-cut of the R. Amadino edition, Venice, 1610. Magnificent collection of choral music, including the Mass for 6 voices–“in illo tempore”–2 versions of the Magnificat, and the Vespro della beata vergine. Wrappers, in 8 vols. $114

Monteverdi, Mass a6, Magnificat, & Vespers, cover
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