Montecassino Cod. 318

Compendium of Beneventan
Music Theory

Montecassino Cod. 318
One of the most important medieval
manuscripts of writings about music,
possibly copied at Montecassino Abbey

Montecassino Archivio dell’Abbazia Cod. 318
Facsimile e commentarii. A cura di
Mariano Dell’Omo e Nicola Tangari

Montecassino Cod. 318, Guidonian Hand, p.291

Bibliotheca Mediaevalis, 4. Lucca, 2018. 21 x 30 cm. 2 vols, 258, 320 pp.

Color halftone of one of the most important medieval manuscripts of writings about music. MS 318, possibly copied at Montecassino, is an enormous compendium, containing the writings of Guido d’Arezzo, the famous Music enchiriadis texts and much more. Many items are unique to this MS. 
  There is non-musical matter as well. The present facsimile edition, in full color, brings out all the color nuances of this incredibly complex manuscript—especially the reds—necessary for a full understanding of the texts and music with its unique graphic details. Contributors to commentary: Mariano Dell’Omo, Francis Newton, Giiulia Orofino, Thomas Forrest Kelly, Angelo Rusconi, Luisa Nardini, Maddalena Sparagna, Nicola Tangari.

2 vols, softbound.  $179

Montecassino Cod. 318
Musica enchiriadis, cap. XII, Tu patris sempiternus

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