Mondsee-Wiener Liederhandschrift aus Codex Vindobonensis 2856. Wissenschaftlicher Kommentar: Hedwig Heger.

[Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliotheck, 2856]

Mondsee Liederhandschrift, ÖNB 2856
deluxe edition

Codices Selecti, 19. Graz, 1968. 21 x 28 cm, 46, 238 pp. Deluxe 2-color facsimile of one of the most important monuments of German song, c.1500-50, more than half of them attributed to Hermann von Salzburg but also to
Hermann von Mügeln and Peter von Arberg. The present facsimile reproduces the music section of the MS, fols. 166-284 which in itself consists of an earlier section with music from the end of the 14th c. (f. 166v-252v) and a later one (f. 253-284v). The original part of the songbook contains 31 sacred and 57 secular songs; 12 mastersongs were added in the later section. The notation is of the ars nova type written on four- or five-line red staves, generally 8 per page. Breves can be represented by unison groups of 2 or 3 semibreves or in polyphonic sections by the breve too. The notation of polyphonic sections may employ two distinct parts, or may appear as a single part with a drone, or it may be only implicit with the used of the name "tenor", above which a further voice is assumed. The MS also employs mensuration signs and red notes. Handsomely bound in quarter leather with vellum paper boards.

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