Johannes Okeghem, Guillaume Dufay, et al

The Mellon Chansonnier. Edited by Leeman L. Perkins and Howard Garey

[New Haven, Yale University Library, 91]

Mellon Chansonnier, fol. xx
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New Haven, 1979. Oblong, 33 x 24 cm, xv, 204 pp (includes 90 facsimile pp).

Halftone reproduction & modern transcription of a c.1470 chansonnier which takes its name from its last private owner Paul Mellon who presented  the ms to Yale University in 1940. This exquisite manuscript was copied in Naples for the princely library, possibly for the wedding of Beatrice of Aragon, daughter of the king of Naples, and Mathias Corvinus. It includes songs by two of the greatest composers associated with the Burgundian Court—Johannes Okeghem and Guillaume Dufay—but the roster of other composers is rich: Busnoys, Caron, G. Joye, Binchoys  Vincenet, Bedingham, Morton, Petit Jan, A. Basin, J. Tinctoris, Regis, G. le Rouge & W. Fry. This edition with facsimiles and modern edition on facing pages has tremendous teaching value for students interested in learning 15th-c. mensural notation. Cloth. (few copies remaining). $125


Mellon Chansonnier, cover



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