MAHLER, Gustav, 1860-1911

  Mahler. Lied von der Erde: Der Abschied
[Sixth Movement of Das Lied von der Erde]
I: Draft Orchestral Score; II: Particel Short Score: III: Texts on the Facsimile

Mahler, Der Abschied

Mahler, Der Abschied, boxed set


The Hague, 2017. Oblong, 35 x 27 cm, 3 vols: I: 44 pp; II: 20 pp; III: 46 pp including 9 illus. ISBN 978-90-818588-1-6

Fine bibliophile facsimile of Mahler’s  manuscripts of “Der Abschied” (Farewell), the sixth movement of Das Lied von de Erde, issued on the 60th anniversary of the Dutch Mahler Society. The edition includes the manuscripts of both the draft orchestral score and the particel short score. In December 1917, the great Dutch conductor Willem Mengelberg conducted the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in a performance of Das Lied and following that performance, Alma Mahler presented Mengelberg with the 2 manuscripts which are the basis of this facsimile. Alma included the note (also provided in facsimile): “To the Friend of Gustav Mahler. . . the most wonderful interpreter of his work, Willem Mengelberg”. The particle represents a relatively early stage of the composition and reveals many aspects of how the movement took shape. The orchestral version is much more complete, but still is considered a draft. Text volume (all texts in English & German. Frits Zwart:
Willem Mengelberg and Das Lied von der Erde” including a list of concerts of Das Lied from 1913 to 1939; Eveline Nikkels: “Das Lied von der Erde, Mahler's Most Personal Work”; Edward R. Reilly: The Place of These Manuscripts in the History of Das Lied von der Erde. Limited edition of 400 numbered copies in the original format as presented by Alma Mahler to Mengelberg,  3 volumes, hardbound in imitation vellum with gold lettering, housed in a beautiful box covered with black paper.
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