Book of Hours of
Louis de Laval

Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale lat. 920

This striking Book of Hours, created c.1470-1475 and continued between 1485-1489, was presented by Louis de Laval Seigneur de Chatillon (one of the greatest bibliophiles of his day) to Anne of France, Duchess of Bourbon. It is described by François Avril “a MS of unusual richness and without doubt the most ambitious work to come out of the Jean de Colombe atelier... a gigantic iconographic achievement that overpasses any other contemporary attempt to assemble within a book of hours a compilation of biblical illustrations." In its 700 pages we find no less that 1,234 miniature, 150 of them are full pages. This is the richest corpus of illustrations that has ever existed in a book of hours. The largest part of this awesome iconographic ensemble is the work of the great Jean Colombe, also known for his work in the Très riches heures du Duc de Berry. But the book is too extensive to be the work of just one artist. In it the best miniaturists of the time come together and collaborate following the most complex modalities of this period which turns out to be much more extensive than what was previously believed.

Book of Hours of Luis de Laval
Book of Hours of Luis de Laval   


Deluxe limited edition (with accompanying scholarly commentary) of 899 copies in the original format 17.2 x 24.3 cm, 700 pages; full leather binding

Published by Siloé Arte y Bibliofilia Burgos

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This influential MS shows the presence of another extraordinary artist, a disciple of the art of Fouquet who delights us with the admirable faces of the sibyls or those of St. Matthew and St. Mark. In 1480 the MS became even richer with the addition of a fantastic cycle of biblical illustrations, beginning with Genesis and ending with the Story of Daniel. After the confiscation of the belongings of the constable of Borbon the MS entered the royal collection.

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