The Kalivoda Manuscript (c. 1715 – 1723). D-Fschneider Ms 33
Music for Baroque Lute and Mandora from Prague

Edited by Matthias O. Schneider [with contributions by Miloslav Študent, Mathias Rösel, Joachim Lüdtke, & Markus Lutz]



Kalidova Ms. Music for Baroque Lute and Mandora from Prague

Frankfurt, 2015. Oblong, 19 x 10 cm, 132, 52 pp. Full-color facsimile in the original size of Ms 33 from the private library of Matthias Schneider (Frankfurt/Main) with introductory texts and a critical commentary in Ger/Eng. Ms 33, a holograph manuscript by the lutenist Georg Adalbert Kalivoda, was probably written in Prague. It contains 35 pieces for 11-course lute (partly in Partie) and a suite in three movements for 6-course mandora. Much of the early history of this lute book remains unknown. In the 20th c. it passed through the hands of collectors and researchers among them Alfred Cortot, Robert Spencer and probably Paul Nettl, who also owned at least two other lute manuscripts, which are both in American libraries today. Cloth bound.  $67

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