The Manuscript Ivrea, Biblioteca Cap. 115

Commentary and Facsimile by Karl Kügle

The Manuscript Ivrea, Biblioteca Cap. 115
fol. 23v-24 — Ph. de Vitry, Douce playsence/Garison/Tenor

Ars Nova, new Series, n.5. Full-color reproduction of the manuscript at the Biblioteca Capitolare, Ivrea. 25.5 x 35.5 cm, 90, 138 pp. Clothbound. ISBN 978-88-7096-988-7

Full color facsimile of the celebrated “Ivrea Codex”, a 14th c. manuscript containing 37 motets, 25 masses and a handful of secular songs (11 rondeaux, 1 virelais & 4 chaces). While its origin is debated (between Avignon or Ivrea), the 1365-70 ms clearly reflects the reception in Italy of mainstream French ars nova music. While no dates or composer attributions are given, concordances with Codex d’Apt or Trésor 16bis place it around 1365-1370. 2 motets have a relationship to Gaston Fébus, Count of Foix, 1331-1391, and other works clearly span the years 1320 to 1370; composers include Philippe de Vitry, Guillaume de Machaut, Magister Heinricus, Bararipton, Depansis, Matheus de Sancto Johanne, Chipre, Orles, Sortes, & Loys. Well worn and apparently written for practical use, one finds interesting variations in format, where single motet parts are usually written across an opening (triplum on verso, motetus on recto) while mass movements and old motets may be written with the pages divided into two by a line down the middle. Shorter works are usually written in the left over spaces left at the bottom of the pages of larger pieces. It's a real treat to have this facsimile of Ivrea now joining the ranks of MSS Rossi 215, Modena M.5.24,  Faenza 117, San Lorenzo Palimpsest, Bologna Q15, Turin T.III.2 & J.II.9, Lucca Codex and Squarcialupi Codex, all published in the same series. Clothbound. $299  (view other volumes from this publisher)

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