Heinrich Isaac, c.1450-1517

Choralis constantini, 1 [2-3] tomus
  Introduction: Edward R. Lerner

[Bayerische Staatsbibl., Munich]

Isaac, Coralis constantini

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Facsimile Series, III/14-16. Peer, 1991-1995. Oblong, 19 x 16 cm, 4 partbooks, xxxvi, 1800 pp. Line-cut of the H. Formschneider edition, Nuremberg, 1550, 1555, & 1555. The first collection of polyphonic settings of the proprium for the whole liturgical year. Composed for the Hapsburg Royal Chapel. Senfl, Isaac’s pupil, is credited with completing some of the unfinished compositions. The entire set of CC consists of 375 motets; it gets its name from the fact that it was commissioned by the cathedral of Constance. Wrappers, & slipcase. $95 / volume


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