The Parma Ildefonsus - A Masterpiece from Cluny

[Parma, Biblioteca Palatina, ms 1650]

The Parma Ildefonsus
8 sample full-page illuminations

Ars Illuminandi. Modena, 2010. 15.8 x 23 cm, 224 pp + commentary. The Parma Ildefonso is an illuminated manuscript on parchment made in Cluny 1090 to 1100. A copy of "De Virginitate Sanctae Mariae" written by Saint Ildefonsus (c.610-667), it is an impassioned theological work railing against heretics who doubt the purity of the Virgin Mary. The text may be a transcription of a Spanish copy destined for Bernardo de la Sauvetat, formerly a monk in Cluny and later Bishop of Toledo. (As Toledo had just been liberated from infidel occupation the text is connected to the reconquering of the Iberian peninsular.) The system of illustration is very complex: each one of the 222 pages is decorated with frames, painted in gold, silver or purple, with geometrical shapes or stylized leaves; inside the frames are the pictures or the text. Moreover there are 9 full-page illuminations, 16 half pages, 8 smaller illuminations representing the prophets, 9 big capital letters, 28 golden smaller letters and many other decorations. Deluxe limited edition of 499 copies. Full leather binding with slipcase covered with linen.   (view other volumes from this publisher)


The Parma Ildefonsus

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