Holst, Gustav, 1874-1934

Works for Small Orchestra.
1: St. Paul’s Suite Opus 29 No. 2
2: A Fugal Concerto Opus 40 No. 2
3: Double Concerto Opus 49
4: Brook Green Suite
5: Lyric Movement
Edited by Imogen Holst, Assistant Editor: Colin Matthews


Holst, Works for Small Orchestra

Collected Facsimile Edition of Autograph Manuscripts of the Published Works, II. London, 1977. 27 x 36 cm, 205 pp. Gustav Holst is not a "one-work" composer! He left behind a massive catalogue of works, here are five gems for small orchestra, reproduced from the autograph scores. St. Paul's Suite is a composition for string orchestra
plus wind parts, written for the girls school in which he taught. A Fugal Concerto is a heartwarming piece, not in the least dry or academic. The Double Concerto, for 2 violins and orchestra, dating from 1930 is more serious work that received the Gold Medal of the Royal Philharmonic Society after its first performance. The Brook Suite, another work for pupils of St. Paul's and written during a prolonged illness, is in contemporary mature style, at the same time easy to perform. Lyric Movement, for viola and orchestra is a hauntingly beautiful piece, the composer's last complete work. Handsome binding in green linen with Holst's signature embossed on the cover.

London: Faber Music, 1977 
Volume 2 of Collected Facsimile Edition 
  205 pages, linen  $85 

Holst, Work for Small Orchestra
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