Wolff Heckel, 16th c.

  Lautenbuch Straßburg 1562

111 works for renaissance lute

Heckel, Lautenbuch Straßburg 1562

Faksimile-Edition Laute, 9. Stuttgart, 2010. Oblong, 21 x 17 cm, 2 partbooks, 228; 238 pp. Line-cut of the Straßburg, 1562 edition.
Marvelous collection of pieces for two lutes—”discant & tenor”—reproduced from the surviving partbooks in Trier and Basel respectively. One of the very earliest prints of renaissance lute with 111 works notated in German tablature. Heckel’s work is comprised of four sections: “Teütsche stuck”, “Lateinische stuck”, “Frantzösische stuck”, “Italianische stuck”, “Allerley Täntz auff teütsche aufgesetzt”. Hardbound with decorative paper, with matching slipcase. $115

Heckel, Lautenbuch Straßburg 1562, cover
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