HAYDN, Franz Joseph, 1732-1809

Die Schöpfung Hob.XXI:2. Skizzen. Herausgegeben von Annette Oppermann

[The Creation, Hob. XXI:2, sketches]

representation of chaos
Haydn, The Creation / Die Schöpfung

sample of autograph & diplomatic transcription

Haydn, The Creation / Die Schöpfung

Joseph Haydn Werke, XXVIII/3/III. Munich, 2012. 4°, 104 pp.

Winner of the German Music Publishers' Association "Best Editions" prize, 2112. Beautiful full-color reproduction of 36 sketch pages, hitherto unpublished, to Haydn’s oratorio “The Creation”, preserved in libraries in Vienna, London and New York. The sketches are very revealing: the famous soprano aria “On mighty pens” originally had an entirely different melody. The 5 notated beginnings of the recitative “Our duty we performed now” make it clear that Haydn even pondered very carefully such apparently standardized musical phrases before opting for a variant. The 3 surviving full-score sketches for the overture “The Representation of Chaos” show in turn how Haydn slowly developed the whole movement out of a basic idea initially outlined on only one page and garnished it with ever finer rhythmic and harmonic details. The whole set gives us a wonderful glimpse into workshop of the composer. With diplomatic transcription and notes in German. Handsome clamshell case in linen. $325

Haydn, The Creation / Die Schöpfung, cover
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