HANDEL, George Frideric, 1685-1759

Crudel tiranno amor. Cantata con stromenti. Version for Voice and Keyboard Instrument HWV 97b. The Autograph Score Mus.ms. 4468, fols. 49r-54v, Preserved in the Bavarian State Library Munich. Facsimile and First Edition Edited by Berthold Over and the Bavarian State Library Munich, in Collaboration with the Editorial Staff of the Halle Handel Edition.

[Cantata, soprano, keyboard, HWV 97b]

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Documenta Musicologica, II/34. Kassel, 2006. Oblong, 4˚, iv, 12, 24 pp. Color facsimile of the recently rediscovered autograph fair copy. This exciting find was made in 2004 by Berthold Over and presents a different version of the aria arranged for solo soprano and realized keyboard (it was originally written for solo voice and orchestra). The three arias and two recitatives are transposed up one step from the orchestral version. The Munich autograph also has been given additional ornaments including numerous trills and slides in the vocal part. The new source is also very instructive for questions regarding performance practice, as Handel did not merely reduce the musical texture of the aria to an instrumental upper voice, vocal part, and bass, but the left hand of the keyboard part is often in two voices, whether in real two-part counterpoint or in doubled octaves. The autograph realization departs in several respects from realizations commonly used today, being very full in its sonority, and sometimes both the the right and left hands have to play multi-note chords. The realization—in the “full-voiced accompaniment”—makes no attempt to avoid doubled thirds or parallel fifths and octaves. Preface in Ger/Eng, together with practical edition. Hardbound. $63

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