H a i n r i c u s  S a c r a m e n t a r y

P i e r p o n t   M o r g a n   L i b r a r y,  M S  M . 711

Hainricus Sacramentary, Pierpont Morgan Library, M.711
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The "Hainricus Sacramentary"—consisting of calendar, gradual-antiphonary, sequentiary & sacramentary—was written and illuminated at the Abbey of Weingarten, a Benedictine house in Württemberg, Germany, ca. 1225-1250. Although the abbey was originally founded some time after the year 934 as a house for women, the nuns of Weingarten moved to Altomünster in Freising in 1056, and the monks of Altomuenster moved to Weingarten. Under Welf IV and his wife Judith, Weingarten became an imperial abbey. The manuscript was commissioned by Hainricus sacristan, a monk at Weingarten Abbey, who is represented on the cover and in 4 miniatures (it has been suggested that Hainricus may have been also the illuminator, but no documentary evidence has been found). Decoration: 5 full-page miniatures, 2 illuminated text pages, 24 calendar medallions, 35 historiated initials. Music: the gradual-antiphonary and sequentiary parts of the manuscript are notated with non-diastematic neumes; the rite accords with the Hirsau tradition.

Hainricus Sacramentary, 2
Hainricus Sacramentary, 3
The edition: deluxe facsimile in the original fomat—296 pages, 17.2 x 24.2 cm—bound in full leather with clamshell box. Limited edition of 280 copies worldwide. Published by Akademische Druck- & Verlagsanstalt, Graz as volume 110 of the series Codices Selecti.  ISBN 3-201-01847-3

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