Golden Hildesheim Calendarium
Golden Hildesheim Calendarium

(Goldenes Hildesheimer Kalendarium)
Hildesheim, mid-13th century

Cod. Guelf. 13. Aug. 2˚
Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel


Manuscript Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August
Bibliothek, Guelf. 13 Aug. 2˚ (from St. Michael's Benedictine Monastery, Hildesheim) is a richly ornamented calendarium documenting the transition from the romanesque to the French gothic periods. Two full-page miniatures in the classic “Hildesheim style” show a harmonic mix of romanesque, gothic and byzantine influences. The miniatures are protected by silk overlays (also reproduced in facsimile). The calendar apparently belonged to a presentation manuscript which served for Mass celebrations on high feast days. On seven calendar pages beautifully executed arcades frame pairs of months, together with appropriate signs of the Zodiac. The necrology in the manuscript is a later addition stemming from the region of Quedlinburg.  


The facsimile: 16 pages in the original format—22.5 x 30.9 cm—with genuine 23 1/2 carat gold for the illuminations. Bound in full leather with blind stamping, accompanied by a 59 pp. commentary. Deluxe cloth covered clamshell case with gold stamping.

Verlag Müller & Schindler, Stuttgart, 2004.
ISBN 3-87560-029-0                         Euro 980

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